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Great Depression

Great Depression

By the 1930s money was scarce because of the depression, so people did what they could

to make their lives happy. Movies were hot, parlor games and board games were popular.

People gathered around radios to listen to everything. People danced to the big bands.

Franklin Roosevelt influenced Americans with his Fireside Chats. The golden age of the

mystery novel continued as people escaped into books. Many different problems

branched off from the great depression socially, economically, and politically.

The great depression began around the 1930’s and ended near the late 1930’s.

These few years brought many difficulties to the people who lived through them. Many

jobs would be lost due to this tragedy. What was once called the land of dreams, turned

into a nightmare. Many workers who had jobs in the big city would lose them and move

out in the crop fields and become farmers mostly. Some people actually lost everything

and just faded out right after becoming unemployed. Almost 30% of the people during

the great depression were unemployed. However this was also not a good look for the

farmlands and the farmers. Once thousands of people moved into the farmlands, what

was once pretty grasslands was turned into cultivated fields. The rich soil lost its ability

to retain moisture and nutrients and began to erode. Since so many people moved into the

farmlands and become migrant workers, the original farmers became very poor due to

loss of land and crops. So they would move out into California and hope to find work

there. Some places they would set up little dirty towns for the farm working community.

Believe it or not, many of these communities were more populated than some normal

towns. There were also some ways people tried to stay out of the farming business.

Franklin Roosevelt influenced Americans to build roads throughout the city area and

throughout areas around the city. This gave thousands of men jobs and also helped them

financially because the money that they got was from the government. The roads that

they built were helping the government with transportation for all of the unemployed.

This idea worked very very well and became one of the major turning points in the

Art and architecture were also very big priorities during the great depression.

Many artists were creating many beautiful masterpieces that are millions today. However

most art that would have been famous today, was completely dominated from the great

depression just like everything else. The “public works of art project” and the “federal art

project” employed some artists during the great depression. These two projects were

created by the government in order to maybe get some artist back on there feet to sell

more art and to have the art go up in price more and more. Most art in the 1930’s portray

live in the towns and life in the city around that time. You could also see how the

paintings were very poorly kept and almost impossible to keep. It’s a shame how we

could have had so many more famous paintings that were lost in the sadness of the great

depression. Some really famous art that was created during the 1930’s was mount

Rushmore and some very popular buildings today. The Chrysler building was created

during the great depression. This building in New York stands at 1046-ft tall and 77 floor

high, which gives it a great over look of the big apple. Another very famous building that

was created in the great depression was the Empire state Building. This 1,453-foot

colossus building is 102 floors tall and was also created in 1930 and became a tourist’s

magnet. It is still one of the tallest buildings in the United States today.art during the

great depression sells now at over 1,000,000 dollars. As to when it was first made and

was only 3 dollars. The art of the great depression helps people today understand the way

people felt and the way people lived back then. Art helps a major part of today learn more

Some education was very important throughout the great depression.the 1930's

were a hard time for public education. With no money with short supply, parents were

unable to provide their children with the necessary clothes, supplies, and textbooks to

attend school. Taxes, especially in rural areas, were unpaid. With the loss of revenue,

school boards were forced to try numerous strategies to keep their districts operating.

Many kids went without education for a long time during the great depression. Teacher’s

salaries were cut, and most teachers were paid $40 for a whole 5-year teaching fee. When

kids were not in school and teachers were unemployed, a illustrated book came out

called “the dick and Jane stories” . This novel would help children to read and write and

everything else in-between from 1930 to the late 1950’s. it was almost like a substitute

teacher for millions of children in the U.S. "Dick and Jane" books have been read like a

welcome for school children who lived through the Great Depression and World War II.

It was almost as if it was sugar coating the truth for the kids. Some kids would actually

have to be taught by their parents and relatives for quite awhile. The children of the great

depression had it hard for a very long time. Education was scarce and many kids were not

getting the education that they needed. However people prevail and come up with

strategies in order to keep the world going.

Fads and fashion was coming along very strong in the great depression. Many

new clothing lines were created and normal clothing wasn’t even a word. A new fad such

as cars and stamp collecting was also extremely big. With the reduction of spendable

income, people had to look to inexpensive leisure pursuits. President Roosevelt helped

make stamp collecting a popular hobby for many people during the great depression.

Many board games that we play today were created in the great depression such as

monopoly. Monopoly board games sold 20 thousand sets within a week of coming out.

This was only one of the popular board games to have come out around that time period.

Like the selling’s of board games , gambling grew as well. Gambling increased as people

sought any means to add to the income. Between 1930 and 1939 horse racing became

legal in 15 more states bringing the total to 21. Interest in sports such as baseball grew

and football as well. Sports were a major fad for men during the great depression. It was

one of the things that really helped keep peoples hopes up and there lives interesting.

Betting was not only on horse racing but on spots as well. It was a bad thing for some

people and a beginning of a new life for others. People would win plenty of money to

start their carrier over and some lost all, and were never apart of anything ever again. For

women, the clothes is what sparked their interest the most. Fashions became too

expensive for all but the extremely rich, and American designers came into their own.

Famous Hollywood actors and actresses would bring about clothing fashion to many

people. Fads and fashions were very important and popular during the great depression.

The great depression served as a Turing point in the history of the U.S. many

people lost valuable lives as well as all of their money. Nobody or nothing was the same

anymore. However, people always find a way to prevail and so they did. Strategies were

created for each case of problems. Education, politics, economics’ and others were

affected so much by the great depression. Life has its own way of sorting things out and

so it did and ever since then people don’t take everything for granted and people are

always thankful for what they got and never for what they once had.


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