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Vehicles Are The Problem, Bicycles Is The Answer.

Vehicles Are The Problem, Bicycles Is The Answer.

Vehicles are the problem, bicycles is the answer.

Gas prices today are outrageous. It’s sad when someone spends twenty dollars just to fill their gas tank three-fourths full. It seems that gas prices are either rising or dropping but never staying stable. The answer to the problem? Purchase a bicycle. A bicycle is ninety-five percent cheaper than a vehicle.

There’s probably no way we can drop gas prices anyway. We’re going to have to accept the fact that more than half of our paychecks goes to vehicles. How messed up is that? Twenty to fifty dollars goes to gas a week, not to mention the insurance a month we pay. If you have to have new brakes, that’s another hundred and twenty-five dollars from your paycheck. That’s just a few of the expenses you get left with owning a vehicle.

Forget that! Give me a bicycle. It would cost me ten dollars a year to insure it. You can’t beat that. If I need to work on it, I could probably do it myself. I’d run to Wal-mart and pick up a few ninety-seven cent nuts and bolts to fix it. Not only that, I’d bet my last dollar I’d be in pretty good shape pedaling eight miles to work everyday.

We would all be better off if we didn’t worry about gas prices, and just purchase a bicycle. It’s cheaper and it would help keep people in shape. No more trips to the gym to keep fit.


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