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The Civil war was a major part in our countries history. This is not better remembered than in the movie “Glory.” In the movie they show many trials and tribulations faced by the black soldiers. It illustrates the black soldiers’ feelings and hardships through the war.

As the movie starts a white general is told he has to lead a black unit. He was not very excited at first. Many men would not dare lead them. After awhile you begin to meet some of the men and find that thy all are very different in their own way. Some wanted to fight with everybody and some didn’t want to fight anybody. The men’s personalities really began to come out and the general eventually takes a liking to his men.

Training was no easy run through for the men either. Many of the white generals were very mean to the black soldiers. They would beat them and do things never attempted on white men. The general eventually tried to stick up for his men. As the war progressed, the men started getting down realizing they would never get to fight. They were denied the right. The general, however came up with a plan, he knew things about a higher officer who would not let the men fight. The blackmail proved successful and they got to see their first battle. They only suffered a few casualties and won part of the battle.

Time in the war moved on and the blacks were made to do many other chores such as digging trenches. Blacks had to do much of the grunt work while the white soldiers never gave them any respect. They would almost start to fight each other every time they would pass by. All they wanted to do was to serve for ones country and they were still persecuted.

Meanwhile the general is trying to lead the troops as best he can. One day a man who had been promoted from the black ranks asked for shoes. The general did not understand for he did not know that the men where all suffering from aching feet. The general was outraged and went to the war department. He made a scene at the department and demanded the shoes. He was then given the shoes his men needed. His men also earned uniforms as well. After these hardships the men where awaken one day and called to a meeting. They were there informed that they would receive less wages for their service. They then didn’t sign anything and proceeded with the war. They didn’t want the money if they were treated like slaves. The general then gave up his pay as well.

Then one day the general was informed of a major battle plan where at the beginning was a death march. The general proudly requested the mission. Everyone knew it was suicidal. The men prepared and went in fighting. They were all killed but a few. The general went down with his men.


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