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American Revolution

American Revolution

The American Revolution was truly a huge historical event, but few people know what ended it all. The Treaty of Paris ended the Revolutionary War but it took quite awhile to come about. Imagine how hard it must have been to negotiate and finally agree to terms of a treaty. But finally, a treaty was ratified and the course of history was changed forever.

It was two years before the British and Americans even met to begin negotiations. This was most likely because of all the malice and begrudging feelings the British had for the Americans. The American victory must have been hard to believe. But, finally a treaty was written with four terms of peace. The terms were first and most importantly, the British acknowledged the United States as a free and independent nation. Next, the United States would consist of land from the Atlantic Coast to the Mississippi River. Next, Florida would be returned to Spain. Lastly, the Americans agreed to request that state legislators to pay loyalists for property damage. The Treaty was officially ratified April 15, 1783.

I think the most important term of the Treaty of Paris is the acknowledgment of independence of the United States. Without that, there would be no US. Our nation could not exist without separating from Britain. Borders and other stipulations don't matter if there is no country! Once the treaty was ratified and signed, we were officially free from England.

I believe the biggest problem faced by the US after the Treaty of Paris is forming a government. It is nearly impossible to create a working government. There were many loyalists still left in the US which would make it hard to create a government that the people would agree on. It would also be very hard to assemble a democratic government with representatives in congress since there was great rivalry between the states. It is a miracle that we have a functioning government today!

In conclusion, the Treaty of Paris is a document that is still making a difference in our lives today. It's hard to imagine where we would be without it. We would have no country! The Treaty of Paris is why we are a country today. Just think about how this document effects you everyday. Next time you say the Pledge of Allegiance or see an American flag waving, remember that it is all because of The Treaty of Paris.


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