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Since the recent decline of our company, we are trying to regain our status that we once had before period 6. The results we are looking for would help us to regain a good portion of the market share for both the VRD and DVC market. We would like to see an increase in sales of both our products. MKO would like to see more of the units that we produce so less of the inventory has to be transferred to China, due to such high shipping costs. We would like to recover in the industry so that we can better serve our customers and employees. We have had to fire employees due to the financial situation our company is undergoing. So we would like to see a full recovery of our company, and begin competing again with other companies in the industry.

Our goals are to have Voice-it’s sales up to 50,000 units and Xpress-it’s sales around 15,000 units. Our hope is to be able to steal market share from our number one competitor, DigiTalk and LingoExp. We would like our company to have about 40% of the market share. We would also like to raise our prices as well as our features to meet customers’ preferences. We also would like to rehire our past employees and offer a significant commission percent. MKO would like to see an increase in net contribution as well.


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