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Mobile Computing

Mobile Computing

-Security: instant access of records and profiles.

-Wireless communication: access to e-mail, internet, newsgroups, schedules, spreadsheets, and company data while away or at home. This also makes communication almost paperless when receiving memos or faxes this way.

-Conferencing: text and video meetings with others.

-Knowledge databases specific to company needs. Entire libraries of information would be available to anyone who needs it.

-Mapping products and travel information: to find the way to important business meetings.

-Call management: Who called, and who needs to be called back.

-Personal time organization: employees would have a mobile way to efficiently managing their time (calendars, to-do lists, reminders).

-Networking: intranets between mobile computers within a company can give them a strategic advantage. All different levels of the business (small or large) would have access to each other to help and work together.

-Customer relationship management: including records and contact information

-Training: programs for instruction for jobs and information on policies.

-Sales: keeping track, gathering information, having up-to-date reports, and doing sales transactions, all from a mobile unit.

Question #2: What businesses and professionals do you think Xybernaut’s product lines will interest the most?

-For businesses that need instant access to update information at work or home: Stock traders, doctors and nurses, sales people and managers, and travel agencies (and agents).

-For any businesses that want to manage time and efficiency of each employee.

-Businesses that the mobility would be an advantage: PR firms, lawyers, and human resources managers, can track appointments while out on the road. Also, delivery drivers and on-the-road sales people.

-The wearable computer can be used by sales engineers and repair persons in the telecommunications, office equipment, and manufacturing sectors. Inspectors and police or fire protection would benefit from the wearable function too.

-Any professional who would need vast sources of information in a small device: on site doctors, auto repair technicians, script supervisor (in film), inventory personal, and help desk environments.

-Airports can use this technology for higher security and linking of employees for higher safety.

-IT professionals would find the mobile computer very practical for work and home.

-Executives (CEO’s) would have easy access to networked information about their company whenever and wherever they want it, including reports and sales figures.


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