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Four Elements Of Promotion

Four Elements Of Promotion

Advertising involves paid, nonpersonal communication through various media with the purpose of informing or persuading communication through various media with the purpose of informing or persuading members of a particular audience. Advertisings main objectives for marketers to inform, persuade, and to remind. Advertising falls into two broad categories, which are, product advertising and institutional advertising.

Sales promotion is marketing activities other than personal selling, advertising, and publicity that enhance consumer purchasing and dealer effectiveness. Sales promotions encourages interest from salespeople and consumer for both new and mature products, help introduce new products, encourage trial and repeat purchases, increase usage, neutralize competition, and reinforce advertising. Sales promotion complements advertising, and marketers often produce their best results when they combine the two.

Public relations are an efficient, indirect communications channel through which a firm can promote products, although it serves broader objectives than those of other components of promotional strategy. It is the firm’s communication and relationships with its various publics, including customers, employees, stockholders, suppliers, government agencies, and the society in which it operates.

Personal selling is an interpersonal influence process that involves a seller’s promotional presentations conducted on a person to person basis with the buyer. Personal selling is a primary component of a firm’s promotional mix in certain, well defined conditions:

1. Consumers are geographically concentrated.

2. Individual orders account for large amounts.

3. The firms markets goods and services that are expensive, technically complex, or require special handling.

5. Products move through short channels.

6. The firms markets to relatively few potential customers.


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