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Marketing And Advertising

Marketing And Advertising

In every business around the world there is some sort of Marketing and

Advertising department. Every business wants to market its products in a profitable

manner. Marketing and Advertising firms find out if there is a demand for the

products that they sell as well as research what ways they think might get their

product out and buying in larger quantities. They see who is buying their products and

who is not that way they can see how their products might appeal to those who have

not yet purchased what they have to offer. Marketing and Advertising firms also

oversee the need for new products or improvements to the products at anytime, they

will do whatever it takes to get it to sell sell sell.

The working conditions for those in Marketing and Advertising are not the

easiest, even though they might get lovely offices and nice desks the hours are very

long, at least 50 hours a week. There tends to be a lot of travel involved and a

large amount of problems and unexpected changes, but these are nothing compared to

Advertising and Marketing positions took up about 485,000 jobs in the year

1998, and they continue to grow with time. There is always a need for Marketing

and Advertising, being that there are always new business developing and always new

products to get out into homes and the work force as well.

There is a lot of training and schooling that come before one can land a

position in the work world of Advertising and Marketing. Most employers require

that the seeker has a BA in Business Administration with a concentration in

Marketing. Other classes required would include; accounting, business finance,

business law and economics just to name a few. The qualifications do not just

include schooling; someone who is interested in this line of work must be very mature,

extremely motivated, a self starter and must be able to communicate very well with

Marketing and Advertising can be one of the higher paying careers depending

on the size of the firm and how long one has been in the industry. The range in salary

is anywhere from around 30K a year to 120K a year. Another deciding factor is the

actual product that is being sold, even though a company is doing really well and

making great numbers if their product is not as popular as the next that will decide

the type of salary someone can make.

There are also other fields that relate very closely with the Advertising and

Marketing. They may play a large role in a Marketers life, such as: writers, public

relations managers, sales representatives, etc. There are many branches to this

career choice and one can go in any direction that they want to with the right

In a recent interview with Stacey Leonhard, the former Marketing Director of

Foodies Market she informed me that her job was one of the most exciting and

rewarding jobs she has ever had. Foodies started off as someone’s dream, and she

was able to make that dream become a reality. As hard as it was at times and the

long hours and countless decisions it is now a prosperous Deli Market, located in

Metairie, Louisiana. This was a position that Stacey actually had to take some

thought into accepting, she knew it was going to be very hard and that the gratitude

and recognition may not come until later or not at all The people that she worked

with to make this happen are still there today and still love every minute of their day

She sees her gratitude now every time she goes into Foodies, when she sees the

lines to check out and the smiles on the people’s faces as they take their first bite

of the home cooked meal she knows it was all worth it in the end. Soon after

Foodies Grand Opening Stacey resigned from her position, she was offered an even

higher position, but had decided to start a family. She refuses to discuss her salary

with her sister-in-law, but said it was a “nice chunk of change.”


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