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Toyota Matrix Vs. Malibu Maxx

Toyota Matrix Vs. Malibu Maxx

Toyota Matrix vs. Chevrolet Malibu Maxx

Every time you turn on the television I guarantee that you will see a commercial selling a car. They tell you about all the great features and the benefits of having this vehicle so they can lure you into their selling scheme. Some how the commercials always seems to leave out the price or they try to make it seem like the price is great by giving you cash back and low finance rates. Everyone always wants the best deal for their money, so today I have two ads out of a magazine on cars that I will be informing you on how these two cars are same, different, how the ads are presented, and by buying the cheaper one you will get the best deal for your money.

The new 2004 Toyota Matrix and the 2004 Chevrolet Malibu Maxx are the two vehicles I have chosen to compare. Both of these vehicles are four door sedans and are for mainly families. These two vehicles are in the same category and are considered competitors for their group. Both of these vehicles are spacious and luxury, therefore, having the same concept. If you were to research these vehicles they have many of the same features that come stock with the car. Power windows, seats, locks etc. all come equipped with both of the cars. As you can see these two cars are mainly the same when it comes to features and accessories.

Seeing that these two cars are the alike in many ways, they have a couple small differences between them. The starting price for the lowest package of the Malibu Maxx is 21,465 and for the Matrix is 16,340. Since these are family cars that we are comparing and contrasting speed and motor size does not play a major role in buying these cars, unless you like to speed with your family in the car. Luxury and space is nice to have when you buy a car for your family. The Malibu has the bigger engine than the Matrix, which makes the Malibu faster. Looking at these two vehicles you can see that the Malibu is longer than the Matrix, giving the Malibu a little more trunk space. The Malibu has a total of 22.8 cubic feet of trunk space and the Matrix has a total of 19.3 cubic feet of trunk space, making only a difference of 3.5 cubic feet. Besides the engine and the space difference these two cars are basically the same, therefore, I can not see paying an extra 5,125 for 3.5 cubic feet of space and a bigger engine.

These two ads have some different ways of grabbing their audience attention. When I saw the Toyota ad it caught my attention immediately. The ad is colorful and it talks to you when you see it. It gives you some facts about the car and some nice jokes to go along with the ad. The Malibu on the other hand has just the car and some words that really do not tell you much about the vehicle. It has no type of color scheme to go with it to catch your eye, which makes the ad seem dull. The Toyota ad also gives you two views of the car, which makes it more appealing and catching. Looking at Chevrolet ad there is only one view of the car, which makes the ad looks to simple. By viewing these two ads the Toyota ad seems to have the best presentation and attention getter of the audience.

Briefly going back over the two vehicles, you can see that the Matrix is your best choice of selection if you were looking to buy one of these cars. The Matrix is a lot cheaper than the Malibu and it gives you the 90 percent of the same things the Malibu offers. The Malibu offers some minor things that are not worth paying the extra money for. By looking back at the comparison of both vehicles you can see these vehicles offer the same features but with a few differences in space and in engine size. It is important to know that when buying a car, look at what the vehicle has to offer and see if another car has the same characteristics. After you have looked around then make your decision on what you think is the best deal for your money. Doing this will make sure you receive the best deal possible and possibly save you money.

Through my analysis of both ads you can see that doing a little research can save you from making a big mistake. When you see these ads on cars do not feed into them, look at other options and ask questions to see what other cars have to offer. You will be surprised what you could find and the money you can save by holding out and looking around. Advertisers want you to jump right the deal they offer because they make it seem nice and cheap when it is really bogus.


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