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My Drums

The drums, a hobby I hope will be a part of the rest of my life. I want it to be more than a hobby and it to take me where I need to go in life. This is what I love to do. I have been learning how to play the drums six years and I have put a lot of time in to it. I will not let it go to waste. I wanted to do this for my project because no one at the school has seen this side of me. I thought that it would be a nice exit to bring my drums and show what I have been doing the past six years. I have worked hard for my drums and spent a lot of time putting the drums that I wanted together. It took three of the six years to get every thing that I wanted on the set. I started with buying the six drums and went from there. I had a rag tag stack of cymbals, buying one when ever I could afford it. They weren’t very good ones just something to put on my set so I could have more of them. Then I got my rack. I always wanted one so when I got the money I went right out and bought one, but it was not what I wished for yet. I was always fooling around with it to make it like I imagined. It stayed like this for about a year. Then when I came to this school I was coming to Denver every day and heard about a drum school in Lakewood, the Colorado Drum Institute. Since then I have excelled with my instrument. It has taken a new light ever since I came to the schools. Going to Colorado High has significantly helped me on the right path to becoming the drummer that I wanted to be. This is the beginning of the road that I am setting down and I would not be here if it wasn’t for the two schools that I drove 100 miles ever day to get to from my little town. It helped me see parts of life that I have not seen before. My project has been the last six years in the making and coming to Colorado High helped me finish it.


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