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Drum Major

Drum Major

I believe that a drum major is someone who is constantly dedicated and devoted to what they are doing. As a leader, they must constantly set an example for the rest of the band. They are the people who are always the first to arrive to everything and the last to leave. They are always doing everything in their power to make the band the best they can be. Drum Majors always strive for excellence. They are always focused on how to help everyone else before his or herself and they always motivate others. Drum Majors must put everything into what they are doing - their time, energy, patience, perseverance, heart, and soul. They are full of ideas and advice to others that are struggling.

A drum major is not simply a leader to the band, but a leader in life. Drum Majors must uphold the highest standards of leadership and conduct at all times. They are the student band director. They should promote the band within the school and community and proudly defend the band from any detractors. Above all else, the drum major must be someone that loves band and is completely loyal to the goals of the organization. I want to be a Drum Major because I know I have all of these qualifications. Mr. Mobley, Mr. Hilmer, Mr. Brooks, Mr. Payne, and Mr. Shepard, please allow me to be the 2004 Drum Major of the Gold Brigade. It would be a great privilege.

Leaders must demonstrate spirit and function as role models, never relaxing standards. They must always apply a positive approach when working with students; it is not permissible to complain or argue. Leaders must work harder than everyone else, set an example in every aspect of the band's operation, and never expect anything from band members that they do not demand of themselves.


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