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There are three divisions inside the Corporation of Goodwill; they are Retail, Workforce Development, and Communication Services. These stores inside theses departments exist because they are funding the training programs. The training programs help to assist the person with disabilities in developing skills to perform in the workforce. The population that Goodwill works with is persons with disabilities. Good will merged with the company Eastersells to help fund the children with disabilities. Goodwill helps persons at the age of six weeks to the geriatric population. They also include in accepting and assisting those persons who do not have a disability. The department of Commercial Services helps clean at Wright Patt Air Force Base doing janitorial work and they also help at he Commissary (Grocery store) restocking. The Workforce Development allows the clients to assess skills. The Vocational Evaluation Job is designed for visual impairments. The Vocational Room has provided services to the visually impaired by having computers that are accessible. They use Zoom Text so the client is able to see the words clearly. The also have a program called Monster that will allow a client to search for jobs over the Internet. Another area would be Business Skills Training teaches them Microsoft Windows, PowerPoint, and Customer service. Even though the client knows how to use PowerPoint they do not give PowerPoint presentations. Work Development helps to develop skills, to work at a fast pace, to get the job done, and when to take breaks. There is also the Job Coaching, which is the assisting on the work floor. The coach will help provide the skills needed to help the client progress in his work environment. Once finding a job and taking steps to participate in working the Job Placement takes place. Job Placement is the highest pressure by the number of quotas they meet every year. Once the client is placed in a job setting there are Career Builders, which were designed to help people increase skills needed to be more up in the Chain of Command. When the training is over they go into Job Placement. Clients then began to show interest when doing resumes, mock interviews, research, and contacting employers. After they are hired then they then go through Retention Services which a client must report to while they are maintaining their job.


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