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Salmon are silver colored fish with pointed heads that measure on the average five feet in length and could possibly weigh around eighty pounds. They live predominantly in fresh water. They tend to be found in the cold waters of the Northern Hemisphere.

Salmon belong to a family of animals called Salmonidae. Salmon are great travelers that take part in migrations that are over 1,250 miles long. The fish of the Salmonidae family is a group of fish with sturdy bodies that are also very good swimmers. The most common salmon species fall into four categories, which are: the Salmo, the Salvelinus, the Oncorhynchus, and the Coregonus.

The salmon’s torpedo shaped body and pointed snout allow it to glide smoothly through the water. Its fins move the fish forward and also direct and stabilize its movements. The salmon are able to breath under water by using its gills. Some young salmon leave their river homes after one year while others wait two to three years to leave.

Salmon migrate from the river to the sea and then back to the river. Young salmon hatch from their three-inch eggs and soon learn to swim. For a few weeks these young salmon are called “fry”. They survive by eating insects and small water animals. The fry spend between one and five years in fresh water and then they migrate to the sea. In each large group of salmon about 15% of the small fry die. From the thousands of eggs laid only a small number of salmon reach adulthood. They complete their growth in the sea until they become adults. When they are ready to reproduce they travel back to the fresh water and they lay their eggs back in their original birthplace. A salmon can find its birthplace with highly developed senses that allow it to know the temperature, smell, and chemical traits of the water where it was born. Salmon are able to find their way home because they have a good sense of smell. Each river has its own unique odor and years later it remembers the smell and follows the route home.

During reproduction the female salmon lays about 450-800 eggs per pound of its body weight. Each egg is about .3 inches in length. When they are ready to hatch each fry is .5 inches long. The salmon stop eating after reaching their fresh water destination and they live off their own body fat that is stored in their body. As they swim upstream their shape and their color change. The newborn fry has a yolk sac that hangs from its belly, which contains nutritious food that allows it to survive during the first days of its life.

Salmon are considered to be one of the most valuable sources of food for human consumption. It is also a very popular sporting fishing event. The salmon are well-known for their fighting spirit. They are able to fight against tuff currents and they are able to jump across rapids. Large numbers of salmon are caught each year . Most salmon are caught in nets. Then they are sold either fresh, frozen or smoked. ………I like mine with a little dill sauce.


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