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Deaf Journal Review

Deaf Journal Review

For this assignment I have chosen to review the contents of the July/August issue of The N.A.D. Broadcaster. This newsletter is published in Silver Spring, Maryland by the National Association of the Deaf (N.A.D.). The N.A.D. is an organization that provides the Deaf community with information about Deaf culture and events that may interest the Deaf or hard of hearing. The Broadcaster is a “Deaf friendly” publication that seems to target only Deaf people or those directly involved in the Deaf community. From the articles and advertisements all the way back to the help wanted page, this newsletter is focused strictly on Deaf interests.

The cover story entitled “The 2000 N.A.D. Conference,” is about a gathering held by the N.A.D. (annually or bi-annually –the article didn’t specify) that involves games, the Miss Deaf America Pageant Finals, parties, forums, workshops, and so much more. The conference was held from July 3rd through July 8th in Norfolk, Virginia. Norfolk is a city based on the Atlantic Ocean front, so some of the conference attendants were able to enjoy N.A.D. organized cruises out of the harbor for July 4th activities. A total of 2300 people were registered for the conference by the last day. There are usually a wide variety of attendants of all ages and places. Many students, teachers, and delegates from state associations were involved in the conference. However, it wasn’t all fun and games at the conference, the business end of the conference was a drawn out process that involved discussions regarding the goals and policies of the N.A.D. for the two years following the conference. Everything went off without a hitch and the conference was an overall success. It was nice to realize that there are other cultures thriving within our own culture.

Another feature in the Broadcaster are the letters pages (there are two different ones). The first letters page is entitled “Letters to the Editor.” Readers write in with questions regarding issues in Deaf culture and the editor responds he/she can. The second entitled “Dear Law Guy” is really not a letter page at all; but rather a fictional column that provides realistic scenarios in which legal advice is sought. That is the first part. The second part identifies the actual case law if any that will correct or allow action to be taken in each scenario. I thought this was very interesting.

Besides the articles and columns there are many advertisements geared only toward Deaf or hard of hearing people. There are text messagers –basically hand held portable e-mail devices. There are also some ads for teletypewriters (TTY’s), another quote “Deaf Friendly” technology that allows Deaf or hard of hearing people to communicate by telephone via an operator or another TTY at the other end of the line. Another portion of the newsletter includes an ad for a Website called sign enhancers, which has videotapes that help people sign more effectively. The ads purchased for this publication were not the typical ads you would see in more mainstream written media.

This newsletter was very effective in communicating its purpose and place in Deaf culture. It is very impressive but there are so many current events and activities going on in the Deaf community. It is also interesting to know that are entire subcultures lobbying for new and better rights; not just for themselves but also for the greater good for everyone. If I became Deaf one day, or have children that are Deaf I am happy that there are people out there willing to accept that disability, and inform about how to interact and be involved with those with similar disabilities.


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