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Office Depot Vs. Staples

Office Depot Vs. Staples

An e-commerce solution for a business is the incorporation of all aspects of the business operation into an electronic format. When a business has incorporated an e-commerce solution, the business will experience a lower operation cost while at the same time increasing its profit. Office supply superstores Staples and Office Depot have been successfully using e-commerce to their advantage for years. Competition between these two office supply powerhouses continues to grow as more and more people and businesses purchase their products on-line.

Both Staples and Office Depot’s Web sites are aimed toward selling their products to individuals and businesses. Anyone can purchase products from either Web site with ease. However, their Web sites target businesses and large corporations over individual office supply buyers. For example, when one logs onto Staples Web site they are asked to provide a username, password, and a Company I.D. Businesses and corporations buy large quantities of office supplies rather than the individual buyer who makes smaller purchases. Both Staples and Office Depot offer a large variety of products and services. However, they both offer many of the same items and brand names. Both stores are leaders in the sales of office supplies and are close competitors. Therefore, the competition between the two stores is based on pricing rather than selection. The overall look and feels of these two sites are very similar. They both allow customers to search for products by typing in keywords or using the pull down menu to select specific product categories. Both companies split their products into three separate categories of office supplies, furniture, and technology. They both list all product categories on their homepages, which makes it easy for customers to find a product without searching for a long period of time. Navigating these two Web sites could not be much easier. Even a first time Internet user could navigate either site with no problem. Searching for products and business services is made easy through the use of keyword searching and pull down menus. Both sites offer a store locator link and allow customers to place their products in an interactive shopping cart. Furthermore, both sites allow customers to compose a saved list of products they wish to maintain for future reference. Customers also can use the Net to check up-to-the-minute inventory at the nearest store or warehouse to see what’s available for delivery the next day. However, Office Depot’s Web site features a site map and more product categories in their pull down menu that makes it easier for customers to find what they are looking for. I believe the speed of these two Web sites depends on the speed of the computer a customer is using. Both sites are fast and allow customers to find products quickly. However, I believe that Office Depot’s site makes it a bit easier for customers to find products quickly through the use of a categorized pull down menu and a site map. Staple’s Web site lacks a site map and only contains three categories in the pull down menu, which makes customers go through more steps when trying to find a product.

In Conclusion, both Staples and Office Depot’s Web sites target businesses and corporations over the everyday consumer. Also, both of these companies offer many of the same products and name brand names. Competition is based on pricing rather then selection. These Web sites are very similar to one another but I like the setup of Office Depot’s Web site over Staple’s Web site. I also prefer navigating Office Depot’s Web site over Staples because there are more product category links in the pull down menu and you don’t have to scroll down to see all these categories. Furthermore, Office Depot’s site contains a site map and I could not find a site map link at www.Staples.com. Overall, I prefer Office Depot’s Web site over Staple’s site because I like the set up and it is incredibly easy to navigate. Finding products at www.officedepot.com is very easy and fast. I believe that Office Depot’s site does give them a slight advantage over Staples and maybe that’s why Office Depot is doing more than twice the volume of Staples and more than five times the volume of Office Max. However, Staples Web site is also easy to use and effective. Although, I believe Office Depot’s Web site is superior to Staples and the next time I wish to purchase office supplies I will visit www.officedepot.com.


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