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XBox Vs. PS@: The Battle For The Best Gaming Console

XBox Vs. PS@: The Battle For The Best Gaming Console

Ever since gaming consoles have been created, there have always been huge debates on which is best, but none have been compared more than the latest two consoles: the XBox, which is created by Microsoft, and the PlayStation2, created by Sony. As an experienced, unbiased gamer, I will end this debate and once and for all prove that the XBox is the superior gaming console. In order to fairly compare each system, I will break down each system into three categories: system specifications, games and accessories.

The system specifications are what a console has to make the game play faster, smoother, and graphically more appealing. The most important element of each system is its CPU (central processing unit), which is the brains of the system. The speed of the Xbox’s CPU is 733MHz while the PlayStation2’s CPU speed is 295MHz; a substantial difference. In essence, this means the XBox can do more and harder things.

The second most important component is the graphics processor, which is what shows you whatever is on the screen and how well. With another significant difference the XBox’s graphic processor speed is clocked at 250MHz whereas the PlayStation2 is clocked at 147MHz, meaning the XBox has better graphics.

The last major element of a gaming console is its memory and hard drive space. Memory is the amount of temporary storage that can be held at one time and hard drive space is the amount of storage that can be held permanently. The Xbox has 64MB of memory and 10GB of hard drive space, which is enough hard drive space to last you forever. The PlayStation2, on the other hand, has half the memory of the XBox, 32MB, and it does not even have a hard drive, which means that you need to buy memory cards that are only 8MB to save all your information. A PlayStation2 owner would have to buy 125 memory cards to equal the amount of space the XBox has. In round one in the system specifications category, the XBox wins.

The number of games each console has released has been a crucial part of influencing people to buy the PlayStation2. The XBox took a beating when it first came out because of the number of games it had, but now it has produced about 500 games and the Playstaion2 has produced over 1,000 games and can also play most of the original Playstation’s games. There is no doubt that the PlayStation2 has more games than the XBox, but there is no way to prove the PlayStation2 has more games of better quality since it is all just opinion. In round two in the games category, PlayStation2 wins.

Prices for both consoles are pretty much consistent with one another. The games, controllers, memory cards, and the consoles themselves are always the same price, but what makes a difference in price is which gaming systems offer something for free and which do not. In other words, the accessories are what make the difference.

Accessories are all the peripheral things, from cable links to steering wheels that are not necessarily needed, but will enhance game play. Both consoles have about the same variety and number of accessories, but there are a few which make them stand out from one another. As stated before, XBox does not need memory cards to save game information and PlayStation2 does making this quite a big difference since memory cards cost $20 a pop. PlayStation2 does offer a separate hard drive to purchase, but that will cost $100. Another detail is that the XBox has a built in network card, for online gaming, but you have to buy one for $30 for the PlayStation2 and the network card uses the same slot the hard drive uses. An additional downfall of the PlayStation2 is that it only comes with two controller ports, but a multiplayer adapter can be purchased for $30 to allow four players. Also, the Xbox can rip CDs onto its hard drive and play the CDs when playing a game while the PlayStation2 can only play CDs. Don’t get me wrong, XBox does have its down points. For example, the Playstation2 comes with a DVD player, but you have to buy a remote for the XBox and PlayStation2 also comes with free online gaming connection when you have to buy a twenty dollar kit for the XBox. But in the end and the final round in the accessories category, XBox wins with a knockout blow.

With the information above it is needless to say that the XBox is the superior gaming console. There may be some varying preferences, but the basic facts remain. All system specifications are better and in the long run, you save more money. The only viable reason to pick PlayStation2 over XBox is because it has more games. Xbox takes you way beyond ordinary entertainment. Are you ready to redefine the way you play?


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