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How Do We Find God

How Do We Find God

This poem tells us the most important thing about God, that he finds us when it is our time. No one can try to go and find heaven, they never will. We need God to come down and take us to heaven; he needs to show us the way.

When I read this poem, it made me really think. Over the summer, I had to go to two funerals that were for very different reasons. The first one was for my Aunt who was very young and diagnosed not even a year ago with cancer. She was suffering and needed to find heaven very badly, but God let her hold on until my cousin, her daughter, graduated from High School. Finally it was her time to “meet God”; he came down and took her away ending her suffering. The second funeral was for my Grandfather’s nephew, Tony. God didn’t want him to be taken away, but Cousin Tony took it upon himself to meet with God. Tony decided that he was suffering too much and needed to see God to resolve all his problems. I know in the Catholic Religion suicide is regarded as a sin, but I know that my Cousin Tony didn’t mean to sin. He just needed a way to escape all of his “problems” and be with God in his time of need.

Going through what I went through this summer made me realize that when it is your time to go, God will come and get you and that you shouldn’t take it upon yourself. The only way you will get to heaven is if you have someone guiding you and only God can be the one to guide you, he is the only one that knows the way.


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