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Does God Exist

Does God Exist

The truth is that nobody really knows for sure what the answer is to this question. Still there are scholars, writers, survivors who try to come up with different answers. Some believe that God does not exist, and Auschwitz was an example that proves that he does not exist. This is probably the simplest answer to the question, because why would God allow something like this to proceed, if he existed? Also the God we think might not be the real God that exists. Others believed that God had turned his back on humanity (he does not care) and if that is the case why even believe in this God? Still there are others who might think that god does exist, and either caused (or at least permitted) the destruction of the Jews, the Gypsies and the other victims. The vengeful God

Berkovitz responds by saying that man is to bear the burden of Auschwitz not God. According to Berkowitz, God is not completely exonerated from this, because God “shackles his might so that history may be possible.” He is responsible in creating a world in which man is free to make history. To put it simply, God creates the earth with man able to make his own destiny and choices, and God restrains himself from getting involved. “Before creating man, God had taken counsel with His angels. Angels, pointing to the evil that would inhere in human nature, advised Him against bringing man into the world. But God refused to accept their advice. He explained that He, the Infinite One, was in need of a Good that could not be found in the heavenly spheres, one that only man could provide.” (Berkowitz pg 298)


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