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In The Beginning

In The Beginning

In the beginning of Genesis, chapters 1-4, Moses is the narrator,

and he talks of the creation. He tells how God, who is the

dominate character in the Bible, which reads like a novel, has

created light. He explains how God named light “Day” and dark

“Night”. What follows are the creations that took place for the

next six days, and it was on the sixth day God created Man. God

than rested on the seventh day. Moses goes on to tell the reader

in Genesis how God created a companion for man, and this

companion was named woman. She was created from Adam’s, the first

man, rib. Before he had created woman for man he created animals

for Adam to rule over and to keep him company, and it was Adam

who named the animals of the earth. The following tells of the

fall of man, and explains how Eve, the woman, was tricked by the

serpent who told her it was good to eat the forbidden fruit. It

than goes onto tell how Adam and Eve were told to leave the

garden of Eden, by God, and goes onto tell of the Children they

bore and the children that their children bared. The beginning of

Genesis is basically giving a short overview of all of God’s


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