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Holy Wars

Holy Wars

Millions of people over the course of history of the world have died because of holy wars and crusades. Religious belief systems have created more specific boundaries with attention to detail to ideology than ever before and some of these certain religious restrictions or laws have been the cause of holy wars and deaths. The Crusades were Holy Wars by European Christians between the 11th and 13th centuries to recover the Holy Land from the Muslims, the holocaust was an annihilation of the Jews organized by Adolf hitler, and a jihad is a Muslim holy war and some Muslims kill themselves in order to harm others just for the fulfillment of their religious God or guaranteed entrance to heaven. These men and women who participate in these events believe that what they are doing is for the utmost benevolence. They believe only goodwill come out of their deed. Their simple minds disable them from recognizing the truth that their immoral actions only bring malice and evil.

In the beginning of all religions, a belief structure was formed based upon multiple ideas. In religious circumstances, ideas are better to have rather than belief systems built upon them. All religions need to lift their restrictions and limitations or be more lenient. In some Muslim countries, women cannot reveal their faces themselves in public and most catholic leaders cannot have sexual relations which leads to law breaking and punishment. These boundaries just create problems, which are necessary to have in belief systems. Innocent people do not have to die because of all of the types of restrictions in any religion. These restrictions and laws need to be more flexible or lifted because wars and immoral actions can be avoided.


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