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If There Is No Evil, Why Do We Experience It So Much?

If There Is No Evil, Why Do We Experience It So Much?

Evil can be looked at from a variety of viewpoints, just as the experience of evil can be identified in many different ways. Webster defines evil as morally bad or wrong. The definition goes on to say that evil is causing injury or any other undesirable result. But this definition does not even come close to that of Augustine. Augustine states that, “…Accordingly, whatever things exist are good, and the evil into those whose origins I was inquiring is not a substance, for if it were a substance, it would be good” (Augustine 124). Augustine takes the concept of evil to a totally different level. Evil is a non-existing sense of wrongdoing; therefore, by determining what is right and wrong the human race can evaluate the severity of evil that we experience.

We are naturally born with a damaged nature. This concept was that of Augustine’s anthropology. By us being born damaged, that is very similar to saying that we as the human race were born evil or with evil tendencies. Augustine states, “… A problem remained to trouble me. Although I affirmed and firmly held divine immunity from pollution and change and the complete immutability of our God, the true God who made no only our souls but also our bodies, and not our souls and bodies, but all rational beings and everything, yet I had no clear and explicit grasp of the cause of evil” (Augustine 113). There is a constant struggle between free will and free choice. Evil plays a great role with in that struggle. A reason that we may experience is because we struggle with in ourselves to determine what is right and what is wrong. Our judgment may sometimes affect the outcome of certain situations, and these outcomes are not always good outcomes.

Then there is the concept that evil is the prevelation of good. If this is so, how do we distinguish between good and bad, right and wrong? Making reference to Augustine’s definition of evil,” whatever things exist are good and the evil into those whose origins I was inquiring is not a substance… it would be good”(Augustine 124), good is evil and evil is good. It is a little far fetched to say but the basic point being brought about is that all things are good. Therefore the question arises, is evil and inherited trait, or is evil a non-existent sense?

Well, evil is actually non-existent. To be able to take this concept and clarify it would be difficult for the simple mind, but one of Augustine’s can complete this task with great ease. Augustine explains that,” for you evil does not exist at all, and not only for you but for your created universe, because there is nothing outside it which could break in and destroy the order which could break in and destroy the order who you have imposed upon it”(Augustine 125). Basically, evil is not real and we owe this all to God. To God evil is non-existent, the world, the universe, the human race, is all a part of God. We are all creations of God. If He is exempt from the sourness of evil activities than so are His creations.

We may go through life thinking that we experience evil, but it is all just a misconception of reality. The reason we look to certain situations as being spawned from evil is because we are naive to the fact that we have no real consciousness of what true evil is or what evil is. There are just a lot of preconceived notions that have been taught since adolescence. These notions are a part of observational learning. We go through life and hear and see people talk about evil and then they demonstrate their version of an evil situation, and we have no choice but to believe this because we don’t know any better. Therefore, evil is a non-existing sense of wrong doing that is determined by what we think is right and wrong.


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