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Recently, a series of tragic events have taken place worldwide, with this bearing the most significance to Australians. The Bali bombings have definitely made a serious impact on Australia as well as Bali, the latter being more seriously affected. As Bali is a hotspot for tourist activity, these tragic events will undoubtedly have a negative impact on the country’s economy, as well as the morale of the Balinese and Australians. Only time will heal these wounds. However, we must not focus on the negative side of this tragic event. Instead we should treat this as a reminder that the world is hurting now, and that everyone of us must play a part in making it a better place for the next generation.

First of all, we need to believe that we CAN make a difference. You never know when you help someone what would have happened had you not offered a helping hand. This is why I believe that the most effective counteractive measure to terrorism is education. We should take the initiative to protect our younger generation by engraining in them strong moral values at a young age. This would enable them to make the right choices when they reach adulthood. We should teach them to differentiate right from wrong, and provide moral support for them as they go through adolescence. It is during this tough period in life that teenagers make the wrong choices that would lead them down the wrong path in life. Terrorists groups and gangs alike take advantage of this by providing confused teens with the acceptance and support that they yearn for, only to force them to serve their evil cause when they reach adulthood.

Therefore, although the government should spend a portion of its resources into searching for the people behind these horrendous acts, it is only right that they devote an equal amount to various help programs in school, religious centers and other communities. We all want to protect the next generation of Australians, and this is the essential first step.


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