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Nature V. Nurture

Nature V. Nurture

All throughout society you have heard people refer to the controversy of Nature vs. Nurture and how they both affect what character a person becomes. Some say your character is determined by your heredity and upbringing, while others say it’s by the environment in which you live. Although both a person’s environment (or surroundings) and their heredity play a significant role in how their character is molded, I believe that their heredity is the most predominate force in their lives.

Everybody’s parents reared them in many different ways. Some were pretty harsh in how they directed their children, and others were more lenient in areas of their direction. The methods of parental guidance used are most commonly passed from generation to generation. A significant trait would be a parent’s leadership. The leadership portrayed by parents paints a long-lasting picture in the child’s mind, therefore making a better mold for his character to develop in. An example of an effective method would be reward system. If a parent rewarded his child each time he done well, the child would see that it pays to do well and follow rules. Parental support makes a huge difference in how the child develops. If parents would give their children their support during their early stages in life, the child will see that through no matter what happens; their mother or their father is going to be there to support them till the end. For instance, a young girl steps out on her own two feet to try to survive in this old, cold world; she’ll know that through it all her parents are there to help her be the best she can be. Parents aren’t the only ones that have a part in this aspect of life. People a lot of times don’t think of the things inherited from their grandparents. One of the key things inherited from our grandparents is their religious beliefs. Most commonly if a grandparent attends church you will to. But, sometimes your grandparents are split. One side attends church and the other doesn’t. In my experience, the Christian grandparents made the longest-lasting impact on me. The support a grandparent gives is extremely important also. Personally throughout my childhood I never had the grandfather figure in my life, but I have seen in other peoples’ lives that extra support and encouragement helped make them better and stronger individuals. Probably the last hereditary affect on a person would be their siblings. Being a brother or sister gives you a chance to be a teacher to your younger siblings or even older siblings. You pass along things that you have learned to help make your sibling better. As for me being the oldest, my brother and sister use my experience as a lesson in trial and error. If they see something didn’t go exactly right for me, they know that is one less road they need to travel. The support a sibling gives can aid your character like no other. I believe so important to have input from your sibling because 99% of the time they are going to be just straight forward with you. For example, when my brother sees that a situation I’m about to enter isn’t exactly where I need to be, he just blatantly tells me. All of these are key factors in our heredity. Whether it be our parents, grandparents, or siblings they all mold and shape our character the way it needs to be.

Our environment (or surroundings) makes a big, but not quite as big of an impact on our lives. One the most common factors in our environment would be our friends. Most commonly our social status is determined by who we hang around or what friends we have. Like, if the people you hangout are considered to be freaks, most likely you going to be pinned that too. A lot of times peoples’ friends are selected from the same part of town there are from just simply because they can most closely relate. A person that grows up in the nice, suburban area is more likely to be viewed as being “better” than those who grew up on the so called “wrong-side of the track.” So, really you are only being judged for what you are around and not for what your true character is. Our environment also consists of school teachers. The leadership a teacher gives you is nothing like what you mom or dad gives. Sadly to say this is the only leadership some kids receive. Sure teachers do give positive reinforcement, but that hereditary and home bringing makes the longer-lasting affect. Many students rebel against the discipline teachers give. They’ll say “You aren’t my father, or my mother.” This is inherited from the parents either not being able to control or just simply don’t. Again portraying that your home life and heredity is the more predominate force in your life. A positive environment for children to be a part of is church. The religious beliefs taught to a child can and will make a monster affect on them. Throughout my high school experience, I saw that when a child is brought up in a religious home it made them a better person and a more productive student. This goes back to where we inherit many of our beliefs from our parents and grandparents. The environment you grow up in makes as big of an affect on you as you let it.

Even though throughout life we become a lot like the people we surround our selves with, but the most lasting and most predominate force is what we have inherited and been taught by our families. Many times we tend to make decisions just to please the people around us, but deep inside we now what has passed on to us, and eventually it will come out, so we can pass it on to the next generation. Everything we have inherited, and have been taught has been for our benefit.


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