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My Neiborhood

My Neiborhood

The Rich history of the city of San Gabriel it dates back to 1771 with the finding of the Mission San Gabriel Archangel, it a California historical landmark and it was established San Gabriel as the birthplace of the Los Angeles region. Mission San Gabriel Archangel is the twenty-one California Mission. My side of San Gabriel city is a pretty good and a very friendly neighborhood, known for the nosey students it appears that the students are not doing well in school. After school students are out of their homes and not learning and doing the things they should be doing. San Gabriel residents should join together to get the students off the streets and learning something better to show the neighborhood how smart and hardworking our students are, and also to show others what a great city to live in.

The results of our collaborative efforts will be substantial positive change in the lives of students. The collaborative is striving for coordination of school, health and social service systems, to create an enhanced, integrated school-linked delivery sensitive to the multiple languages and cultures of the neighborhoods that surround the schools. The students would have to learn about each other’s organization, gaining trust, and discussing the needs of the community it common dreams, hopes and vision for children. One of my interviews said, “That now over 70% of the 10Th and 11Th grade students are scoring below 50 percentile in their reading on their academic achievement tests”.

The plan is to involve students, parents, and teachers in networking, and to interview community colleges, community leaders, senior groups, businesses, and

community based organizations and service groups to broaden our knowledge of community assets and develop new partnerships that will connect there individuals and organizations with the collaborative and the process of building a seamless continuum of services. In spite of numerous programs, many students are still not succeeding academically. This may be due to the fact that many programs work independently without alignment within and between schools. The plan process will work to design a highly coordinated and affect system of school-integrated services.

Community between the school and families is a challenge because of the 38 different languages spoken in the home. The schools and community-based organizations have had difficulties reaching the monolingual parents. Language barriers, different cultural traditions, lack of understanding and trust of police, city and county services have lead to social isolation. These children are often boarders with other families or live with older siblings and have little or no parental supervision. They would easily recruit into the local gangs or fall prey to extortion and harassment from the older youth.

The District of San Gabriel has been established active community advisory groups at each school site. Community values to the school and to articulate school programs to the community. Committing composed of students, parents, teachers and school staff spent hundreds of hours to assure successful passage, to improve all schools in the District.

The residents and businesses, together with city officials, have also helped to make San Gabriel a safer place to live. In the past 66 neighborhood and multiple business watch groups have established a strong community policing effort.

I think the parents are the once that didn’t support or give their children the attention or motive their children, wanting to learn. I also would think if the parents are separated or always fighting than the children don’t get attention from them, so the children might feel lonely, and doesn’t want to be in the house they would be out in the street with their friends, and not paying any attention to school or wanting to learn. It’s hard to learn something when you don’t have the help you would need and scared to ask for. It was nice getting to know people and working with them. It was easy getting along with people I won’t think I would get along with. I liked that my neighborhood helped people that I won’t think they would get help. We helped student get of the streets and in to books and doing homework. It was little hard getting students off the streets and doing the things that they are suppose to be doing. It’s not hard once you get to know the people and work with them like other people are doing.


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