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National Mandatory Death Penalty

National Mandatory Death Penalty

· You should receive the mandatory death penalty for the committing the following crimes: Murder, brutal rape, treason, high treason, and terrorism.

· You will be tried in the city and State that the crime was committed in, if there is no local, federal or state courts with in the city that the crime was committed in; then you will be moved to the nearest city that has the court.

· You have two years to make your appeals. If in the two years you are found not guilty then your sentenced will be relinquished, if you are still found guilty then your death sentence will be moved up for your execution as soon as possible or at the end of the two years your appeals have not gone through then you are still executed.

· You may go through a higher court system if the time permits.

· Two days prior to your execution your lawyer (if you do not have one, one will be appointed to you) and yourself will create a will or last testimony.

· One day prior to your execution family and friends are no longer allowed make visitations, however you are allowed to make contact through the telephone.

· On your execution date you are allowed visitations from your family and friends as well as the preacher.

· The body will be taken out of the execution room and the family may then pay their last respects.

· All left over funds will then be given to the person stated in the will written the previous day.

I come before you today to pose the question of a Mandatory National Death Penalty. What this means is in every state if you commit any of the following crimes you will automatically receive the death sentence. These crimes include murder, terrorism, high treason, treason or brutal rape. Now some of you may feel that the states are giving up their rights. Maybe they are, however if you look at it from the victim’s standpoint, they did not give up their right’s die. They never had the chance to say wait you’ll die for this, and they never had the chance to see their family again. Why then, should we sit and let the perpetrator live when his victim may not. There is an old saying “An eye for an and a tooth for a tooth.”

If we then instate this Mandatory National Death Penalty we would then be lowering the Crime rate around the United States. For example, Houston Texas in 1981 had the atrocious murder rate of 701 murders, however in 1982 when Texas re-instated their Capital Punishment law, the crime rate dropped significantly to 201 murders. So if the statistics suggest that the crime rate goes down when the death penalty is in effect shouldn’t we make this Law official? Statistics

Another concern of the public is that federal taxes would increase if there were a Mandatory National Death Penalty. This may not be true as of the cost of appeals is always added into the amount. If you take the average computation of money that it costs to house a prisoner a day then add the cost of utilities, traveling and the cost to build a new prison to house them in when the other prison starts to overflow, then the amount of life on prison is much more than the cost of an actual execution. For those of you who do not believe in the Death Penalty and want the ‘Life in Prison’ option you are the politic hypocrites that don’t want the prison built in “your back yard.” So it’s okay that we have the life in prison option, “just don’t build the penitentiary here.” It would be so cost effective if we would just execute them.

What would be the point in having them get 6 counts of life for a total of 408 years in prison? That person is going to die before then, therefore why let them get away with the crime committed and then give the next person the death penalty for committing the same crime.

Inclosing I believe the Mandatory National Death Penalty law would be effective if you knew that when you committed a crime that was automatically punishable by death, then you are less likely to commit the crime.

Brandie Schneider. Age 18, i currently live in alaska. Born in Corvallis Oregon in 1984. I graduate May 16 of 2003 and then i will be off to Basic Training since i have enlisted in the United States Army.

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