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For many hundreds of years, women have strived for gaining equality with men. They have been held back and their opportunities taken away from them because of the fact that they were women. Feminism is the belief in social, political, and economic equality of the sexes. And it is the feminist movement that has been trying to give these rights to women who have been deprived of their equality and privileges that men have never given them. I believe that women have every right to be equal with men and feminism is what is slowly accomplishing this. Feminism is beneficial to men, women, and their families because it is allowing mothers, daughters, and sisters to have an equal opportunity in life to achieve all they can without any discrimination based on their sex. It is a human right to be equal to others around you and it does not matter if you are male or female. They should both receive the same opportunities and privileges given in life and feminism helps women accomplish this task of equality.

Feminism is allowing women to expand their careers and businesses that they never were able to have before. Women now have power in government and they hold high and powerful jobs. They have gained their independence from a male dominated society and are rising to become less dependent on their husbands for financial support. Many women are now even managing their own families, without the help or support of a man. Men are also being helped because their wives are now able to help with financial needs; they aren‘t depended on for the only source of income for their family anymore. Feminism is allowing women to have better high paying jobs that are allowing them to have greater incomes.

Feminism is allowing women to be many things they weren’t before, but not everyone sees feminism as a beneficial thing. In, Blame It on Feminism, Susan Faludi, argues that though women may be free and equal now, they have never been more miserable. She blames feminism on the troubles and pains that women suffer. The independence that women have now is what is making them unhappy in love and dehumanized in their careers. The fact that women work a lot more also have created a less stable family because of the fact that women aren’t at home with their families all the time. Even though they work more outside of the home, they still do most of the household work, which still has not changed. She also believes that women do not have their “equality” that they believe they have because there is still discrimination going on and most high power jobs are still dominated by males. There is only that very small percentage of women who actually have powerful jobs in government and in the business industry.

Not everyone agrees that the feminist movement is a good thing, yet many people believe it to be. I have seen many women who have been given opportunities to have great, respectable jobs, which show that the feminist movement has helped women a lot. If it were not for feminism, many women would be working at unsatisfying jobs with low pay. Being able to have jobs that men usually posses has also increased women’s confidence in themselves. It has allowed them to believe that they can accomplish anything that men can do. Our society is beginning to accept women as strong and equal figures. Though women have not fully gained the complete equality they wish for, we are getting closer and closer to it. Slowly, women are gaining economical and political power in our society that they have never had before. Because of feminism, women no longer have to put up with oppression whether it is patriarchal, cultural, or lingual. It is benefiting not only them but their whole family as well.

Women have come a long way since the feminist movement. They have suffered and been discriminated against just because they were women. So it is about time that women got what they deserved. They have worked hard to get where they are today and they have earned it. It has been a hard battle but they have begun to change the way our society sees male dominance. It is no longer a society where men dominate all high power positions; women have struggled and gained the right to be up there as well. There is a lot more equality between the sexes now than there has ever been. Not only has feminism helped women, but it has also helped their families as well as their husbands. Men have benefited from the feminist movement because they are now being helped with finances since their wives are making more money. Therefore, feminism is benefiting everyone, not just only women.


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