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Intellectual Truth

Intellectual Truth

For this particular text, I don't suggest you read it online. In fact I recommend that you print it out (which explains the mundane colours) and read it slowly. Devouring every word. If I have misused the English language, I apologize. If I have overlooked brevity and droned on instead, please forgive me. In any case, I present:

1) The Theory of Evolution versus The Fact of Creation.

Although, evolution is now classified as biology; a scientific study, I still conceive the theory of evolution as purely philosophy. Charles Darwin is no more a biologist than he is a philosopher. I am urged to remind you that the phrase is, ‘the theory of evolution.’ There is no Law of Evolution and there are Laws of Motion and there is no Darwinian Law as there are Newtonian Laws. Time and time again, along the years it seems science and the Laws, not theories but Laws of Mathematical Probability have disproved Darwin’s published thoughts concerning the origin of complex life on Earth. It has been brought to our attention that Charles Darwin had doubts about his own work, however he died believing his theory. "As by this theory, innumerable transitional forms must have existed. Why do we not find them imbedded in the crust of the earth? Why is nature not in confusion instead of being as we see them; well defined species?" asked the great man himself, perhaps as a rhetorical question as he did not recant his theory. The answer, as the website http://www.ishipress.com/creation.htm wrote is easy enough to be answered by any kindergartener, “Genesis 1:1 In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.” However, Christian though he was he chose to publish a possibility that could not be ruled out, at least, at that time. Science has advanced too much along the centuries to still grasp on to the philosophy of old that they used to call science. Mathematics proves that not only is it impossible for a SINGLE organism to be brought to life on Earth, given its supposed age, without prior existence of a divine Creator, it is even impossible that a single amino acid which forms proteins, which make cells, which build the bodies of all living things to exist by freak accident without the afore mentioned Creator. This Creator, religious people today know as GOD, is conceived in many ways by proportionately many peoples. Let us delve deeper into the theory, strangely enough, that was disproved by science. Most of the readers would have studied physics. There is a thermodynamic law that is known as the “Law of Conservation of Energy.” It states that energy can be changed in form but can never be created or destroyed. That simply sends the Big Bang Theory (yes, another theory, not law) into the trashcan. The second Law of Thermodynamics states that everything is in a degenerative state, which is pretty obvious. All organisms grow old and die, even protozoa which live for quite some time. A building that stands today, if simply left there will not stand there any longer in say a thousand years perhaps. But the Evolutionists believe that the building will become a living creature! This isn’t the ideal analogy but that’s evolution in a nutshell. The most basic life form known is a link of 400 amino acids. Let us consider that the first organisms were far simpler and that they have gone extinct. Let us imagine that the simplest life forms ever were a link or merely 200 amino acids. Do you know what are the odds of life being formed by freak accident considering all the details required? One to ten to the power of 375. That’s one to a figure with 375 zeros. It would be easier, in fact for a monkey to spell well than life creating itself out of nothing but circumstance. The conclusion is simple: Scientists have long been looking for their missing link in a theory that Nobel Prize winners have admitted to have been disproved long ago. We know exactly what it is, ladies and gentlemen, but it will give us no Nobel prize. The missing link, the missing catalyst of life is none other than God.

We have to establish the fact of Creation over the theory of evolution before proceeding to read what will prove to be powerful revelations to you. When you are ready to admit to yourself and to the world that there is a God, I invite you to read on. In the next segment we will consider, not mathematics but history. Not to the point of the beginning of life which spans millions, perhaps billions of years ago but to a brief 30 odd years, two millennia or so ago.

It is recorded in the manuscripts written by prominent historians, physicians, tax-collectors; all three professions being very respected and requiring deep analytical and discerning minds, and fishermen which are the most unlikely yet equally accurate group to record truths, that some where between 4 BC and 4 AD (as the Roman Julian Calendar or the Gregorian Calendar states years) there was a child born in a small district in the Middle East to a newly wed couple; a Jewish carpenter and his wife. It is known from four historically accurate accounts that this child grew up to be, like his father a Jewish carpenter but even more, he was a revolutionary, a healer, a teacher, a politician in a certain sense of the word and lastly of all a convicted, prosecuted, persecuted, executed criminal. He is, ladies and gentlemen, no less that the Jewish boy from Bethlehem, Y’shua ben Yosef. Y’shua of Nazareth. Two thousand or so years after his birth, he is popularly known in the Western world and not also in the Eastern world as Jesus, son of Joseph and Mary, Son of God. Jesus Christ the Saviour. Jesus of Nazareth.

It is no lie people, no propaganda to elicit fame and wealth. How can we be sure? This is of utmost importance.

Ladies and gentlemen, how many of you, no matter how stupid, would for the sake of some three years in the spotlight and not 100 percent of that light in your favour, be impaled unto a stake in front of the public and be left to bleed or suffocate to a pitiful death? I’ll tell you exactly how many of you would do this. ZERO. Not one.

And how many of you would be tortured, stoned to death, be locked up, starved, slammed in a dungeon, crucified upside down, all of the above to protect a lie? Again, ZERO. Not one.

Thus, we know that the revolution bought forth by this individual Y’shua, and carried on by his disciples such as (as we know them) John, John, Paul and Peter is genuine and pure. However, many skeptics willfully believe that the Holy Bible is a phony. Let me briefly address the lunacy involved in these preposterous claims. Forgive me if I seem to be losing my objectivity in the matter. The manuscripts that were compiled into the Holy Bible we know today are accepted as historical artifacts as are Paleolithic tools and Neanderthal art on cave walls. The manuscripts of the Old Testament and of the New Testament were never meant to be fictional or trivial. They were, in fact historical records, population checklists, official letters and also intimate letters from a clergyman to his young congregation. Thus, it is concluded that the Holy Bible is historical, non-fictional and can be taken seriously as reference.

To continue we have to establish that you, the reader recognize Jesus and his disciples as historically real and furthermore very moral and can thus be trusted one hundred percent. We know all this from a trustworthy source of historical fact that is the Bible. The third segment contains truths and images that are true concerning this man’s life and more importantly death, as we know them through historical records.

3) Historical Facts Concerning Y’shua.

Now, in the 21st Century when asked whose among a fisherman’s, a tax-collectors, a physicians or a preacher’s helper could most be trusted to detail eye-witness accounts the first and, might I add quick, answer would be a physicians. Fishermen, it seems are deemed uneducated. Tax collectors are said to be two-faced and not worthy of trust at any degree and preachers tend to inject religious principles into everything they say. However, this was not so two thousand years ago. The physician was commonly a slave. The preacher, if Jewish was greatly respected and if gentile was quickly arrested. The tax collector was persecuted by everyone, as they are today. The fisherman however, was a respectable man to be because he represented the majority. Most of the people in ancient Galilee were fishermen. Despite the social standings of the reporters my report will be based upon their perceptions. There was also an exceedingly popular historian named Josephus who wrote the controversial Testimonium Flavianum. Now I say controversial because it read off as too Christian to be written by an objective Jew scholar. In fact, it is doubted by many that Josephus wrote this passage. For your benefit, I have made the Testimonium Flavianum the piйce de rйsistance of this composition.

Y’shua ben Yosef was born of questionable means. It seems Y’shua was an out of marriage child. A bastard, as he was perhaps known in the earlier years. There were many speculations and the words going around were legion. Virgin birth, said Maria, the mother, from God above. Harlotry, whispered some nosy women. Adultery, screeched the conservative bunch that made almost all of the Jewish community. It was not until much later about 30 years in fact, that Y’shua was believed to have been conceived by divine means. We have no proof of this, except for historical accounts. Since we have no scientific or medicinal evidence that indeed Y’shua son of Yosef was not truly the son of Yosef per se, we will not speculate. Now the youth of Y’shua was uneventful and I suppose he grew up as any Jewish boy would, playing, reading Scripture and being obedient to his parents in the strict discipline all Jews were brought up in. However, it is written that he displayed great intelligence and wisdom to the point that the people around him were awed. Also it is believed that he lived a blameless and sinless youth if not an entire life of holiness. The revolution brought forth by this individual however, began when he was about 30 years of age, as did the ministries of many Nazarenes before him. A prominent event in the life of Y’shua would be his baptism by a hermit named John, whom they call the Baptist. Baptist in this case would not be the denomination we know today but his occupation: one who baptizes. John was a radical believer of a Messiah that has been promised to come, after he had prepared the path for Him. It is recorded that as John after carried out the rituals of baptism of water, in the River Jordan some miraculous things began. I am sure that there are many skeptics to this, but if it did not happen we have a large-scale episode of psychotic hallucination on our hands as many people were present to witness this event. We know this because Luke, the physician was not an eyewitness and he wrote his account quite some time after these events occurred, obtaining the facts from eyewitnesses. It is recorded that ‘heaven was opened,’ perhaps meaning that the clouds shifted or that the sky changed in appearance and that a dove bathed in pure white light descended upon Y’shua and that a loud voice, seemingly from Heaven and said to be of God uttered these words in astounding clarity for all to hear, “This is my Son, whom I love, with him I am well pleased.” Similar words were again uttered, supposedly again by God during an incident Christians call the Transfiguration. This incident is recorded to have happened on ‘a high mountain’ and is said to be when Y’shua revealed his godliness and glory to his closest disciples. It was also said that Elijah and Moses, two prominent prophets long dead then were sighted speaking to one another. Indeed, a miraculous occurrence. His ministry included the healing of many ailments for many people in and out of his homeland, the raising of the dead of men and children and the uttering of many wise and powerful words. It was his claims, not his teachings however that provoked many people and inspired even more. He claimed, perhaps not in so many words, in full humility that he was the only begotten Son of God that came to serve and eventually die for the people on Earth.

Again, all these facts are as historically accurate as the battle of Waterloo is. I have not gone into detail on the life of Y’shua as that would take some books to fill. In this third segment we have established the fact that Y’shua was indeed revolutionary and a miraculous human being, if not more that merely man. We have not however bear answers to his claim that he is the Son of God. We will not draw a conclusion to this statement until perhaps all the facts are considered thoroughly.

The death of Y’shua is said, by his disciples, to bear somewhat more significance than his life. This man’s death was disgraceful, as he died in suffering as a convicted criminal. You see, because of his awesome claims, which were deemed blasphemous by the Jewish clerics he was greatly persecuted and in the end executed. These Jewish scholars conspired against him and hired one of his closest friends, the apostle Judas son of Iscariot to betray Y’shua into the hands of the clerics. We conceive neither party to be antagonist or protagonist, because of these reasons:

(1) The words and claims of Y’shua sounded and were thus deemed blasphemous by the clerics and the punishment for that sin was death. We will not judge, at this point, whether their assumption was accurate or not.

(2) The Jewish clerics lived luxurious lives and Y’shua’s revolution threatened to change that. These clerics drove to whatever means to protect their way of life. We shall not judge whether their wealth was derived ethically or otherwise. They were just trying to preserve their wealth and luxury was any of us would in our lives today.

Let us recapture the image of Y’shua’s historical execution that happened some 1970 years ago…

That day, the soldiers busied themselves setting up three tall wooden stakes upon a hill they call Golgotha: the Place of Skulls. In the city itself three beaten men; convicts, two thieves and one religious felon bearing horizontal wooden planks on the back of their shoulders, their arms widespread, wrists bound to the timber they held, were pushed to plod their way up to their designated place of death. Atop Calvary, the three men were pinned to the ground by the unforgiving soldiers. “Just doin’ our job,” as we would say today. The two thieves, guilty as hell, put up some futile struggles as the soldiers knelt on their arms, still on the planks and places the thick, cold iron nails a little below their wrists. As the soldiers hammered the nails in, the screams of the thieves and the metallic rap of the hammer on the nail resounded in the air. The Jewish carpenter convicted for ‘blasphemy against Judaism’ however gave no fight and took the satisfaction away from his tormentors by not screaming or pleading with them. The pain was unbearable to tax out imagination, but Y’shua just received it all, not so much in hopelessness but in knowledge that it had to be done for the sake of the world. The three convicts, already nailed to their horizontal beams were then hoisted, as a flag would up a flagpole, up the vertical stakes on the hill. Y’shua had the centre pole, with the thieves beside him. At the right height, the soldiers tapped an additional nail into Y’shua’s ankle. It is believed that Y’shua’s legs, unlike those of other convicts doomed to die on the cross (supposedly including the thieves that day), were not broken, to make his death a slow and painful one. The things Y’shua did in this frame of time, from when he was nailed to the beam and hoisted up the stake, were quite fascinating. Historians agree that none else has done as such. For the soldiers who executed him he said to his God (or to him, his Father),”Father, forgive them for they know not what they are doing.” What a time to deliver forgiveness. To the thief at his side who asked to join Y’shua he promised eternity with God. To himself and perhaps to the whole universe he said, “It is finished.” At one point he cried out to his God, his father out of every emotion but rage, “Lord! Lord! Why hast thou forsaken me?” Eloi! Eloi! Lama sabachthani? Like I said, awesome. Unbelievable, but historically accurate.

When I first began writing this composition, I thought that I had to record the things Y’shua said to prove his wisdom. Now, after detailing the occurrences atop the hill I reckon it is needless to prove anything about Y’shua. The fourth segment will decidedly be the last, it will be the sorting of the facts and the answer to a most important question, “What about Jesus?” Yes, what about Jesus? What so important? Is it all true? Is so, so what? But before you read the fourth installment, it is imperative that you agree to these facts:

(2) Jesus is a historically real figure.

(3) Jesus claimed that he was the Saviour, the Son of God and did many things in his life and in the moments before his death to prove, or at least make his claim plausible.

(4) The crucifixion was a historical event, not a myth as some suggest.

(5) Jesus was impossible moral and ‘good,’ thus everything he said can be trusted.

(6) Everything he said is recorded in four manuscripts written by four different people and they can be trusted.

The Bottom Line Followed By An Ellipsis

Before I can hope to convert your soul to God I must convince your mind to the reality of Christ, Christianity and the Crucifixion. This, I call the Intellectual Truth. Now, it is time to consider the facts:

Y’shua ben Yosef or Jesus exists. It is a historical fact recorded in more than one, in fact more than 4 manuscripts. We are sure that Jesus exists more than we are sure Julius Caesar exists and definitely more that we know the pharaohs of ancient Egypt existed. We are also sure that Jesus was a person whose morals can never be exceeded, a man without sin in form of thought, speech or action. As a result, we can trust, without a shadow of a doubt that all His words are true and all his intentions pure. Thus, we can be sure that He is the Saviour, the Son of the Living God simply, yet not so simply, because he said so. As we know that the events concerning Jesus were accurately recorded in more than four books (now known as the Good News of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) we therefore can be certain that the crucifixion took place. And we know, by the way, that it was foretold in prophecy. Now for the important part. Jesus said, and we can be sure to trust that he is the Saviour who would die to forgive the sins of all mankind. Jesus was crucified and he died crucified so we are also sure that the crucifixion was the event in which Jesus paid for our sins in full. This, is the truth.

So, what about Jesus? In my Study Bible, as a commentary on the first verse of the first chapter of the book of John is a passage that tells of a girl who gave this answer when asked the reason Jesus was called the Word. Her answer was simple. There was no theology. Only faith. She said, “Because that’s all God wanted to say.” Praise the Lord for granting wisdom to children, that we may follow. What about Jesus? EVERYTHING about Jesus. Christianity: The discipleship unto Christ. It’s all about God. It’s all about Christ.

After all this I would like to quote to you two Bible verses. The first is from the fourteenth psalm. Its first line goes, ‘A fool says in his heart, “There is no God.”’

The second is from , of course, John 3:16. “…whosoever believes in Him (Jesus, the Son of God) shall not perish but have eternal life.”

May these words remain with you always and may this knowledge overflow into the people you interact with everyday.

What I have told you that has been told to me is no not the end of it all. It is in fact, merely the beginning. The beginning our new lives. The beginning of the work that has to be done. The beginning of the wait for His Kingdom to come. I pose to you this question: What are you going to do in the time within which you wait? I will not answer this particular question for you. Instead I will yet again quote a Bible passage.

In the Gospel of Matthew the Apostle of Jesus Christ, in the 28th chapter, in the 19th to the 20th verse, it is written:

“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

About this time there lived Jesus, a wise man, if indeed one ought to call him a man. For he was one who performed surprising deeds and was a teacher of such people as accept the truth gladly. He won over many Jews and many of the Greeks. He was the Messiah. (emphasis mine) And when, upon the accusation of the principal men among us, Pilate had condemned him to a cross, those who had first come to love him did not cease. He appeared to them spending a third day restored to life, for the prophets of God had foretold these things and a thousand other marvels about him. And the tribe of the Christians, so called after him, has still to this day not disappeared.

The controversy over this passage rages on. One theory is that it is not authentic, but an addition by a Christian writer or translator. Another is that Josephus composed the more objective part of the text and the more Christian parts, such as the sentence I emphasized are a later addition. Another newer theory is that Luke might have written the Testimonium Flavianium, just that it was found with Josephus’ work or that Josephus took his description from Luke’s account. I doubt this to be true however, because the text reads nothing like Luke’s writing and that Josephus (might I add, like Luke) was very objective and fact-oriented thus would never quote a subjective passage or person. The similarities in the descriptions of Jesus is there probably because they were accurate and that they were taken in the same thorough way, many years after the events occurred. The Gospel of Luke was written at about 60 A.D. and Josephus’ lengthy text about the history of the Jews, in which is the description of Jesus above was published in the year 93 A.D.


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