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Automotive American Vs. Forgien

Automotive American Vs. Forgien

In the early twentieth century Henry Ford manufactured the world’s first automobile, the Model T. Since then, the world has relied on automotive transportation. Today the automotive industry generates many different types and styles of cars. Primarily there are two styles of automobiles, American and foreign. The different styles of automobiles have comparable similarities and differences according to design, performance and value. There will always be American and foreign made cars, but the two styles are becoming more and more alike.

The biggest difference between American and foreign made cars is design. From the earliest days of the automobile, the majority of American cars were larger in size then most foreign made cars. The same is true today when Americans have a reputation for making “full-size” cars. More over, foreign cars have been known to be more stylish then most American cars. Foreign cars are designed to accommodate the driver and passengers with luxury and comfort in order to make the driving experience as pleasurable as possible. Most American cars are thought to have a simple and boring design that is inconsiderate to the driver unlike foreign design, which should be a pedestal that American designers should strive to compete with. On the other hand, design is a matter of taste according to the buyer of the car.

Another comparable difference between American and foreign cars is performance. American cars have been known to have bigger engines, which gives the cars a certain feel to the way it drives. Unlike American cars, most foreign cars have smaller but more complex engines, which make the car more responsive in driving. Whether the car is American or foreign, certain cars are built for performance. Foreign cars have a more complex engineering then most American cars. In comparison, the components of each type of car are similar, but foreign cars seem to have a more refined component system that makes for better performance in terms of handling, acceleration, and braking. In distinguishing between performance, foreign cars have higher standards then American made cars.

In the point of view of Americans, a foreign car is more expensive then a comparable American car. The most obvious answer is foreign cars are imported, therefore the retail price must be higher. This is true in almost very case, but in comparison foreign cars hold their value longer then American cars. The explanation for the value difference might be that foreign cars are of better quality then American. The repair and maintenance of each type of car is almost directly related to the value. We can use common logic to say that a more expensive car would be more expensive to repair then a less expensive car. Again this is true in most cases, except that if most foreign cars are of better quality then they less likely to need repairs as much as American cars. It is evident that foreign cars are more expensive and retain their value better then American cars.

One could argue that the world stole America’s invention of the automobile and improved it. American and foreign cars will always have their differences no matter what. The Future of the automobile industry may be headed for some though competition. American car manufacturers are beginning to buy into foreign influence. The newer American cars are beginning to look more refined and detailed like their foreign counterparts. Today there are also cars considered to be American-foreign hybrids. Cars that have a foreign brand name but are designed by American companies. The same is true for American cars as foreign companies are designing them. In America more and more people are driving foreign cars or a cross between the two. The future predicts that American and foreign cars are becoming more comparable to each other.


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