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Analysis Of Campus Recruiter

Analysis Of Campus Recruiter

In this case study a new campus recruiter had hired several employees and failed to carry out the responsibilities for the new hire orientation process. The campus recruiter lacked experience in hiring and maintaining new employees’ paper work, and this resulted in an unsuccessful hiring process. Time management and effective communication plays a vital role in a business environment as well as in life.

Six months ago, ABC, Incorporation had hired Carl Robins as the new campus recruiter. He has no previous experience in recruitment. He hired 15 new trainees to work for the Operation Supervisor (OS). Carl failed to follow-up on his scheduled orientation room for the new hire employees and neglected to gather all the documents that he needed for new hire training. The OS had called him a month later, which was a month before orientation training, to ask if everything was going well. He assured her that he would have the new hires’ files processed for orientation on June 15. Carl got caught up in other work responsibilities, and he became overwhelmed and delayed his responsibilities for new hires. Carl only has two weeks to solve his problem.

The following alternatives for Carl are:

• Read the company’s policies and procedures manual to be familiar with business rules and goals. Check the necessary resources to complete hiring process.

• Review new hiring process before two weeks of scheduled training date and set up deadlines for new hire physicals and drug testing. This will help to prevent employees from being hired.

• Use effective communication to allow others to understand him or her and for him or her to understand others; this will encourage productive feedback.

• Schedule another room for orientation. Check the new hire files for incomplete paper work.

• Call the room scheduler 14 days in advance to confirm room number, date, and time.

These steps will ensure that the hiring process is done as well as save time, money, and future embarrassment.

Carl’s weaknesses during this whole process were his unwillingness to communicate with his supervisor and colleagues and his failure to use the company’s resources. He also needs to explore important skills such as speaking clearly, listening actively, and solving problems through effective communications as well as adjusting to his work culture. In order for Carl to communicate effectively he needs to learn the company’s communication style and the company’s work culture by asking questions that would help him with his job responsibilities.

For the past two and half months Carl procrastinated and failed to review his new hired files in a timely manner. He waited until two weeks before his scheduled date for training orientation to review his new hire files. He realized that he had incomplete applications from his new hire files and that he did not have enough manuals for training orientation. This shows that he does not know what he is doing and does not have control of his work. He also illustrates that he does not know how to plan out his responsibilities and handle deadlines.

The overall problem with Carl is poor management skills. He probably was afraid to ask for help because he did not want to be perceived as being incompetent. He did not take the time to get adjusted to the company’s work culture. He failed to become familiar with his job responsibilities. When adjusting to a new job, people think they need to impress their boss and coworkers that they are a hard worker, a team player, and a respectful and honest person so he or she could appear to be competent in his or her job responsibilities. Meanwhile, impressing the boss and coworkers could be stressful and uncomfortable to a new employee.

Having a positive outlook helps make working in a new business environment easier. Learning the business’s work culture helps the employee to understand how the business is being run on an everyday basis; learning helps a person to gain knowledge of the business visions and values so that the employee could apply this knowledge to his and her job responsibilities.

My first recommendation for Carl is that he attends a time management workshop. I recommend time management because Carl seems overwhelmed with his responsibilities as a campus recruiter for the first time. Stress and poor time management can come from working at a new job and taking on new responsibilities. Carl needs to learn how to prioritize, set goals, and plan his work. Planning is a crucial technique in time management and could help Carl to see progress. In addition, planning could help him to problem solve before things get out of hand.

Secondly, Carl needs to develop his communication skills so that he could have the confidence to ask for help and be able to communicate with his new colleagues to see how their business is being run. This will help him to get a better handle of his priorities and job responsibilities. Besides, the blame for Carl’s lack of responsibility is not his entire fault; the fault also lies with his supervisor.

His supervisor lacked the communication skills needed to ensure that Carl understood his job responsibilities. Communication from Carl’s supervisor could have prevented him from loosing time to complete his hiring process.

He also illustrated that he is a procrastinator and this could sometimes has its disadvantages because delaying job responsibilities could become a disaster. Procrastination prevents one from being promoted, causes one to lose one’s credibility and lose oneself-esteem. Carl needs to turn his procrastination into positive energy by overcoming his fears working in a new business environment; being motivated to do his job; being confident to be creative and by challenging his job responsibilities to become a successful campus recruiter.

Although, Carl’s situation could be worse, he does not need to worry because he has enough time to turn his situation around. Carl needs to considered the suggested recommendations and put them into action by working smarter, not harder to assist him in his job responsibilities. In addition, the way Carl presents his self has a great impact on the operation of the business. Processing good time management and communication skills are important to be successful in his or her organization. Employees that use effective communication and time management skills are important to a business success, which enhance the business image, reputation, and credibility; this will ensure that the business is building an image and reputation the employer wants.


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