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Ghost Dance

Ghost Dance

The Seventh Cavalry and the Sioux Indians of South Dakota.

The Seventh Cavalry attacked the Sioux for performing the Ghost Dance. The aftermath of the attack was forty soldiers and two hundred Indians were killed.

The Ghost Dance Religion began in Nevada and quickly caught on across the Plains. The Ghost Dance Religion caught on in Sioux Indian Reservations. The Seventh Cavalry attacked the Sioux Indians at Wounded Knee, South Dakota.

The Ghost Dance Religion was first introduced to the Sioux Indians in the summer of 1889 but did not really become widely known until 1890. The Sioux Indians were attacked at Wounded Knee on December 29, 1890 by the Seventh Cavalry.

One of the main reasons why the Ghost Dance caught became so widely popular was the Dawes Act. The Dawes Act took from the Sioux Indians one of the few things they had left, their land. The Dawes act just made the Indian’s situation that much worse, it made the rationing of food for the Sioux a must for their survival.

The Ghost Dance Religion was started by a Paiute Indian named Wovoca. He claimed to have had a vision where he was taken up to Heaven and there he met God. In Heaven he saw all of his people that had died before him. In heaven they were all happy and eternally young. The scene he was shown by God was one of a beautiful untouched land full of game. Wovoca was then told by God that there was a new world to come. This new world would not have any white people and it would be restored to an untouched land full of great buffalo herds. God then gave Wovoca a dance to bring back to his people. Wovoca was told that if he and his people would perform this dance they would secure this new world full of beauty and bounty.

The Sioux were attacked by the Seventh Cavalry because of the Ghost Dance. The government agents who were on the Sioux reservation were very scared by the dancing, and thought that the dance may be beginning of hostilities. The agents asked for government intervention in the dancing. The intervention by the government came in the way of the Seventh Cavalry.

The government did not send in the Seventh Cavalry to just stop the Ghost Dance itself but, to stop the Indians from coming together in an organized manner. The Indians scared the government by finding hope and happiness in organization despite everything the government had taken from them. The government squashed the Ghost Dance Religion not because it was a religion but, because it was a way for the Indians to rebel against assimilation that was being forced upon them. Every step of the way the Indians found a way to sidestep the process of assimilation that the government had been forcing, even after the government had taken everything away from them.


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