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Citibank is truly the only global consumer bank; it creates global products and global platforms that meet the expanding banking needs growing throughout the world. In many emerging markets Citibank is the only bank offering 24-hour, seven-day telephone access. Also with there enhanced ATMs, along with all of the other electronic mechanisms now offer, customers' entire financial relationships at their fingertips. Citibank offers on-site banking in some locations of service chains such as Blockbuster and Kinko’s.

For nearly 200,000 customers worldwide who have substantial relationships with the bank, Citigold offers personalized, priority-service banking. Home mortgages are an important product offering in almost all of Citibank's markets. Citibank Mortgage, Inc. currently has a servicing portfolio of $60 billion and is a worldwide originator of mortgages through retail, wholesale, telesales and corporate loan channels.

Citibank has a Private Bank that provides personalized wealth management services for wealthy clients through 97 offices in 32 countries. Clients are generally interested in growing and preserving assets both now and for future generations. Managed client business volumes surpassed well over $100 billion. Relationship Managers in the Private Bank use their knowledge about their clients' individual circumstances to bring them an array of personal banking services from the Consumer Bank, attached with expertise drawn from our investment banking and Global Asset Management professionals.

As the undisputed leader in the Cards business, Citibank has more than 49 million card member accounts worldwide. Growth has continued through the acquisition of the AT&T Universal Card Services business, which has introduced the Driver’s Edge and Sony Citibank cards, and expansion of the Citibank-American Airlines partnership. The merger adds more than one million credit card accounts, principally with members of professional associations and other affinity groups, including Salomon Smith Barney clients. The Citibank advantage card, now in 16 countries, is the most successful co-branded card in the industry. In addition Citibank has 17 million affiliates, in Latin America, Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, and the Middle East. In most of these markets Citibank has double-digit share: 43 percent in Puerto Rico, 11 percent in Argentina and Chile, and more than 20 percent in Hong Kong and Taiwan.· In Poland, where Citibank launched a card in late 1997, they have well over 20,000 cardholders today. In the United States, Citibank is strongly committed to maintaining cards as one of the great success stories of the bank. Acquisition of the AT&T Universal Card increased our market share of total U.S. card receivables from 11 percent to 15 percent.·

Personal property casualty insurance

Citibank’s has a travelers red umbrella is one of the world’s most respected symbols for insurance products. Travelers Property Casualty, which wrote the very first automobile insurance policy, covers virtually every personal property casualty insurance need. With more than 4.4 million automobile and homeowner's policies in force, worldwide, which means travelers, are both expanding its traditional network of independent agents and building new distribution channels. This includes companies and organizations that offer Citibank’s insurance products as a benefit to their employees or members, other insurance companies with which Travelers Property Casualty has joint marketing arrangements, and other Citigroup companies.

Citigroup Asset, Management is comprised of the substantial resources that are available through its three primary asset management business platforms: Salomon Brothers Asset Management, Smith Barney Asset Management, a division of Salomon Smith Barney Inc., and Citibank Global Asset Management. Citigroup Asset Management companies offer institutional, high net worth and retail clients a broad range of investment disciplines from global investment centers around the world. Products and services offered include mutual funds, closed-end funds, separately managed accounts, unit investment trusts and variable annuities. Aggregate assets under management totaled $401.1 billion as of December 31, 2000.·

Global corporate & Investment banking

Increasingly, corporate and other institutional clients want a total solution, whatever the need or opportunity, wherever it arises. Citigroup's Global Corporate & Investment Bank, more than any other competitor in the world, can provide total solutions for companies, governments and institutions; for capital raisers and investors; for multinational giants and emerging businesses just about anywhere in the world.

Salomon smith barney investment banking & capital markets

Citigroup's Salomon Smith Barney ranks at or near the top by most important industry measures in its principal investment banking activities: global and U.S. underwriting of equity and debt, management of initial public offerings, underwriting U.S. municipal and other public debt, and merger and acquisition advisory. Citibank makes a market in the stocks of about 1,500 companies, and are one of the world's largest traders of U.S. government securities. Highly regarded for its research a predecessor firm established the first securities research department in 1894 Salomon Smith Barney is one of the three most prominently represented firms in the Institutional Investor's "All-America Research Team" and The Wall Street Journal's "All-Star Analyst" rankings.· Citibank’s equity analysts cover more than 2,700 companies in 51 countries, while fixed-income analysts follow 2,000 issuers worldwide.· Salomon Smith Barney's seasoned quantitative research group provides state-of-the-art modeling and analysis.

Citibank’s Emerging Markets business offers products and services that help multinational corporations and local companies achieve their goals. Citibank's presence in Asia goes back to 1902, and in Latin America to 1904. The top-tier local corporations and financial institutions Citibank serves in emerging markets find that, as they expand regionally, they value the bank's global perspective and capabilities. Emerging local companies that aspire to be the multinationals of tomorrow appreciate having a hometown bank that is regarded as best around the world. Citibank's Embedded Bank strategy seeks to make Citibank the lead international bank in each market, more local than any other foreign bank and as close to its customers as any local bank. Citibank e-Business provides e-solutions that empower corporations and financial institutions globally to connect to the Web transform their business using Internet-related technologies and extend their reach to new markets.

Nowhere is its customer focus more evident than in Global Relation Banking, which performs business transactions for multinational companies and their subsidiaries all over the world. This business is organized by customer rather than by region or product. A dedicated relationship team serves each parent company and its subsidiaries everywhere they operate. These multinational companies are our most sophisticated customers. They count on us for global expertise and local insight, for quality and consistency, for commitment to markets even through crises, and for innovation and responsiveness. Multinational companies today spend around $70 billion annually on financial services. Citibank has a share of this market, although well ahead of their competitors', allows considerable room for growth. Citibank was named the best bank in the world in 1998 by Euro money magazine, whose annual Awards for Excellence are the industry's most respected measure of international financial institutions.· Citibank was also cited as the best foreign bank in 32 countries, and the best bank in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and the Nordic Region, as well as the best emerging-market bank.


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