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Honda is a sound company with a very strong financial background. They are a company that is very spread out across the world. As an investor I see Honda as a very safe investment. They are a company that has net sales that are around 52,170 million dollars. Their operating income is almost 406.9 billion dollars. In their last fiscal year Honda set a record high in its automobile operations. They are involved in the North American market, European market and the Japanese market.

In the last fiscal year Honda saw many changes. The main change was in the appreciation of the yen. The appreciation of the yen has lead to a decline in operating income. They are also incurring an increased research and development expense. This is needed to keep up with competition.

When you are talking about 11.5 million engines sold, your talking about an important company. Their net income was 1,874,423,000 dollars. This is a lot of business. When talking about Honda, you’re talking about a company that has four main sections. The first is their automobile section. Their overall unit sales increased 4.3 % to 2,580,000 units. If it was broken down unit sales in Japan increased 9.9% to 776,000. Overseas it increased 2.1% to 1,804,000. So over half of their automobile sales are over seas. Their net sales in automobiles rose 5.4 % from the last fiscal year. Motorcycle sales in Japan declined 7.5% to 407,000 units. This was caused by the lower sales of business scooters and motorcycles. Overseas motorcycle unit sales increased by 17.9 % to 4,711,000. In North America Honda’s motorcycles showed strong growth by increasing 31.7 % to 519,000 units. This was due to the popularity of sporty and larger size bikes. In Europe motorcycle sales declined 12.3% to 341,000 units. Germany and France offered much weaker markets for Honda to sell their bikes in. In Asia Honda’s motorcycle sales continue to grow and look good in the future. Honda’s power products declined 4.3%to 3,884,000 units. They declined in both overseas and domestic areas.

As an investor Honda looks very safe. They are a smooth running company. Their 52-week range is between 54.59 and 92.35. These numbers are very misleading. The company’s low came at the time after the September 11th bombings. The whole market took a dive and doesn’t reflect Honda’s financial capability. They have rallied from that low of fifty-four to being around seventy-five today. They are very good to their shareholders. They paid a thirty-seven cent dividend per share. Every American share counts as two Japanese shares. They have 974,414,215 issued shares. They also incur a long-term debt of 2,971,533,000. This seems big, but with a company as big as Honda it is actually quite normal.

With such a big currency fluctuation Japan has to be ready to take on a lot. They need to be concerned with the yen. Honda plans to promote expansion of local production. Honda has a target of sales for the fiscal year ending March 2004. They plan to sell 7 million motorcycles, 3 million automobiles, and 6 million power products. These numbers show Honda’s commitment to improve. They are already one of the soundest company’s out there. They will improve and are making great strides towards achieving these goals. A company such as Honda has to supply the most industrialized countries in the world with products. With continued record sales and with a net income of about 1,874,423,000 Honda will continue to increase sales and be a success. With efforts being put towards strengthens their motorcycle and power products expect Honda to become even a stronger company in the future.


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