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TQM In The Work Palce

TQM In The Work Palce

Total Quality Management is a structured system for satisfying internal and external customers and suppliers by integrating the business environment, continuos improvement, and break through with development, improvement, and maintenance cycles while changing organizational culture. One of the keys to implementing TQM is the idea that it is a structured system. In other words TQM is a strategy derived from internal and external customers and supplier wants and needs that have been determined through daily management. TQM is a very rigorous process for a company to adopt.

In TQM it all starts at the top and goes on down the “company food chain.” TQM has to be a way of life for the company. It has to be introduced and led by top management. This is the key point. Attempts to implement TQM often fail because top management doesn’t lead and get committed. Commitment and personal involvement is required from top management in creating and developing clear and quality values and goals consistent with the objectives of the company.

When implementing TQM you need effective leadership by expressing what your company or organization objectives are. As a manager you should be able to develop clear and effective strategies and supporting plans for achieving the objectives. The next step is the identification of the critical processes for the company or organization; the steps that must be done well for the objectives to be achieved.

TQM is not easy to introduce; an open cooperative culture has to be created by management. Employees have to be made to feel that they are responsible for customer satisfaction. They are not going to feel this if they are excluded from the development of visions, strategies, and plans. It is important that they participate in these activities. In a successful TQM environment you will need a well-trained work force that participates fully in quality improvement activities. Employees are encouraged to take more responsibility, communicate more effectively, act creatively, and innovate. In doing this you empower the employee.

Employees must be able to do what is needed and expected of them. It is up to management to decide what is really needed and expected. Management must then communicate with he employees in order for this to really work.

At all times a company has to know how well they are doing in terms of satisfying the customers’ needs and expectations The management has to help every employee know how well that they are doing as well. You can’t stop measuring the performance of your company and employees. The company must demand continuous improvement in everything that they do. Make quality improvement part of the culture of the company.

TQM has a customer first orientation. The customer, not internal activities and constraints although important, comes first. Customer satisfaction is seen as the company’s highest priority. The company has to believe that it will only be successful the customers are satisfied. A TQM company is sensitive to the customers’ requirements and responds rapidly to them. A TQM company meets customers’ specifications and reduces complaints thus giving them a competitive advantage.

At UPS TQM is used very effectively. As stated earlier TQM starts at the top. The Top management has to be committed to it before it all falls into place. Since at UPS all the top management were at one time working an entry-level position; because UPS has a promote from with in policy. It is at this entry-level position that dictates how well the customers will be satisfied.

UPS has an extensive training program as well. This is required and every employee must go through it. In the training program it clearly states what the employee needs to do, and what is expected of the employee.

Customer satisfaction is what kept UPS in business for over 100 years. It meets and exceeds customer expectations and specifications. One way of doing this is that UPS guarantees that a customer can track their package all the way to its destination. How UPS does this is that it attaches a bar code on a package once it has been picked up and every time it reaches a different place it gets scanned by a employee till it gets to its final destination.

UPS stresses the importance of scanning every package to its employees. UPS rewards and praises their employees for doing a good job in this because this is a very critical part in satisfying the customer; UPS is one of the only package delivery companies that makes the promise of being able to track a package while in the delivery process. A T-shirt that it gives its employees states “committed to excellence.”

In conclusion pinpointing the internal and external requirements allows companies to continuously improve, develop, and maintain: quality, cost, delivery, and morale. In doing all of this it will allow the company to run more efficiently and be customer friendly. TQM is a system that integrates all of this activity and information.


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