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Edward Jones

Edward Jones

Edward Jones is a financial services and stock-broking firm committed to helping individuals meet their long-term financial goals. Investment Representatives (IRs) provide their investments, advice and services through a network of single IR branch office locations, which in turn provides a convenient personal service to customers. Edward Jones provides IRs with these offices, along with a full-time support person (BOA) and industry leading technology. The firm intends to continue to expand and provide more complete coverage of existing and potential markets. The firm is a partnership, entirely owned by more than 6,100 associates who are general and limited partners. The reason I chose Edward Jones as a company to research is because I am very familiar with them. Linda Gay Blanc, my aunt, works for Edward Jones. She is the biggest reason I know about Edward Jones. Another reason I am familiar with Edward Jones is because I invest through them. Edward Jones is not only a good company to do business with but also a good company to work for. Edward Jones is ranked #1 in “Fortune’s”, 100 Best companies to work for.

Edward Jones financial status is only as good as the employees that work for it. It is the brokers who do all of the work bringing in money. Each broker is his or her own boss. They enjoy the freedom and independence of running their own offices, without the insecurity and major expenditures associated with being self-employed. Although IRs do not own their individual businesses, they all have the opportunity for ownership in the company through a limited or general partnership. They set their own hours and run their business the way they want to run it, within certain standards of course. For me, this is the best reason to work for a company like Edward Jones. Setting your own hours is everyone’s dream, but it takes discipline at the same time. For an employee to do well for the company, they have to be self-motivated so they can earn an income for Edward Jones. As long as there is stock to be invested and motivated employees, Edward Jones will be a successful company. This is what makes their financial status good.

Edward Jones growth potential is boundless. As long as new people are willing to open offices and offer Edward Jones products, the company can only grow. However, since we are in a “bear” market, people are more skeptical to invest. This would reduce the need to have more brokers. On the other hand, there will always be a stock market and the need for brokers. I can’t imagine Edward Jones growth potential to be bad.

One reason I can’t see Edward Jones growth potential being bad is because they are so focused on quality. That's why the Edward Jones Investment Policy Committee was established in 1987. This committee consists of 13 experts in the industry, with the objective of providing high-level, strategic guidance on individual investing. The committee does not recommend specific investments, but rather identifies areas of investment opportunity and risk created by current market and economic conditions.

The members of the committee include eight members of Edward Jones and five outside consultants from the securities industry. The consulting members add a great deal of financial experience and knowledge to the committee’s recommendations.

Edward Jones reputation is very good in its industry. It offers an honest product and does not try to compete heavily with competition.

The job opportunity that interests me in Edward Jones is a stockbroker. My aunt is a stockbroker for Edward Jones and she is very successful. Edward Jones allows you to set your own office hours and be your own boss. However, the more you work, the more money you will make. Edward Jones also rewards stockbrokers with trips. As you do a certain amount of business you can win trips. My aunt has been to a lot of places. She has been skiing in Colorado and has visited places overseas. Being a stockbroker really interests me the most because I love money and you learn new ways to make more of it for yourself as well as your clients.

If I could ask a representative questions about a career in Edward Jones I might ask the following. I would definitely ask what the qualifications are to become a broker. I would also ask what would be the best major to help me become a successful broker. I would also like to know my income potential.

Over time I have heard my aunt talk about Edward Jones. Edward Jones believes in doing business face to face. Each investment representative wants to know each person’s unique financial objectives so they can plan a strategy to help them achieve long-term financial goals. My aunt has always been a firm believer in long-term. She always says that there is no quick, easy way to get money, unless you gamble.

Another reason I think Edward Jones is a great company is because I am a client. Edward Jones does a very good job in educating the client. I receive mail items all the time that let me know how my stocks are doing. I also receive brochures that have information about the companies in which I have stock. Edward Jones doesn’t stop having a relationship with it’s clients after they leave their IR’s office, they keep in touch as many ways as they can.

After researching Edward Jones I am very interested in the company. It didn’t take research to find out that I was interested, but I did find out a lot of new information that I wouldn’t have otherwise known.


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