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Fire Fighting

Fire Fighting

Fire departments battle fires that break out in homes, factories, office buildings, and other places. Fire fighters risk their lives to save other people and property. The men and women who work for the fire department also help people involved in other kinds of emergencies than fires. firefighters rescue people trapped in cars or trains after and accident. Also after natural disasters such as earthquakes, volcanoos ad floods. Fire Departments also umm learn to prevent fires by enforcing safety laws also teach people about prevent fires in the work place and in their homes. every year fire killsthousands of people injures thousands more umm also destroys billions of dollars worth of property. I myself am a volunteer fire fighter pictures are being passed around of some fires . Today i am just goin to talk about the work and equipment of the fire department. Two basic units in the fire department are the engine companies and ladder companies. engine company operates trucks called engines which carries a pump and hoses for extinguishing fires. members of the engine company connect a hose from the pump to a near by fire hydrant, then stretch hoses from the pump to the fire building. their first concern is to keep the flames from spreading. then firefighters direct water on the fire until it is extinguished. they also spray water on nearby buildings that can catch fire from radiant heat. ladder companies use ladder trucks which carry ladders of various sizes and shapes, (cough) and lenghts. ladder trucks also have a hydraulicly extentable ladder or elevating platform. which can be used to rescue people from windows and extinguish a fire from a raised position. ladder companies search for anyone who may be trapped. ladder companies also try to protect property and save furniture that is not damaged by the fire. firefighters strech canvas or plastic over furniture to salvage them and prevent water damage. finally in a process called overhaul the ladder company searches the building for hidden sparks or burning embers that could start abother fire. now we can move on to the trucks. most fire departments have three main types of trucks engine, ladders, and rescue trucks. engines have a large pump that take water fom a hydrant and increase the pressure of the water through hoses. engines carry several hoses and nozzels. also have a small diameter hose called a booster line. which is used to extinguish small outdoor fires such as garbage fires. there are two types of ladder trucks, an aerial ladder truck and an elevating platform truck. an aerial ladder truck has metal extensiton ladder mounted on a turntable so it swivels uhh the ladder can be raised as high as 100 feet or about 8 stories. an elevating platform truck has a cage-like platform that can hold about 2 people and a victim. the lifting device consists of either a hinged boom or extentable boom that consists of several sections that fit inside each other. the booms on the largest trucks can extend to about 150 feet. a built in hose runs the length of the boom and is used to direct water onto a fire. they also carry focible entry tools that help firefighters gain entry to buildings and ventalate smoke. rescue trucks are enclosed vechiles equipped with many of the same kinds of forcible entry tools as ladder trucks. such as axes, power saws and hammers. they have torches for cutting metal and hydraulic jacks for lifting heavy objects. with a hydraulic rescue tool commonly known as the jaws of life fire fighters can apply large amounts of pressure to two objects to push them together or pry them apart. it is often used to free people trapped people from cars and trains. in addition umm rescue trucks also carry many small hand tolls such as crowbars, saws ropes and harnessesfor rescuing people from water or high places. in additon they also carry medical supplies and equipment. fire fighters require special clothing for protection against flames falling debris and other hazards. they wear coats and pants made of fire resistant material other special rubber boots special gloves and helmets. fire fighters also wear a breathing apparatus to avoid inhailing smoke and other toxic gases. i hope that with my speech you have learned something new or found something interesting and better understand the work of a firefighter and the equipment that one day may save your life.


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