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The Intel logo has been a marketing strategy built up throughout the years. Its recognition has grown and is now a household name. The Intel logo can be seen on expensive computers as well as the lower priced computers. The Intel Pentium II has now branched its logo into several markets. These markets include: set-top boxes, information appliances, notebook computers, workstations, and servers. The Intel Pentium II is on the rise as it is incorporated into new products and new markets.

The Intel brand is a valuable logo that helps customers recognize that a high quality chip is being used in their computer. This logo helps instill brand loyalty and customer trust. The logo is placed in a visible spot on the exterior of the computer to establish its presence. This logo insures that the customer will experience and recognize the quality of their computer and future computers.

Placing Intel components in lower priced PCs can cause customers to believe that they are not using the highest quality chips in those products. However, placing their chips in products such as set-top boxes and information appliances would affect customers positively. These customers would realize that this product is a higher quality product, because the Intel logo is on the product. Intel designing and controlling the chips used in this application plays a major role in the way customers view the product. For example, if a customer has a good experience with an Intel Pentium II in a PC they associate that experience with the logo on the new product.

Information appliances and lower price PC are on the rise. Customers are constantly on the lookout for a higher quality product for a lower price. Customers desire the best for they’re hard earned dollars. The Intel chip in these new products is on the rise. This chip is associated with a high quality product and can now be purchased at a cheaper price.

Intel is entering new markets that include: set-top boxes, information appliances, lower priced PCs, notebook computers, workstations, and servers. The only market that is not new for Intel is the market for higher priced computers. Intel plans to transfer its logo to these new products gaining the positive aspects of their previous products. As Intel is going upscale in the workstations and server markets, it is going downscale on non-PC markets such as set- top boxes.

Intel’s advantages over its competitors is that there logo is one of most highly recognized logos in their market. This allows customers to recognize that they have in their computer a high quality chip, and this helps them to attract customers. A disadvantage that Intel faces is that since it has spent so much money marketing its logo they have trouble matching the prices of their competitors.

The Intel logo should try to mix quality and lower prices into all there products. This strategy is essential for competition especially in the market of lower priced computers. In the market of higher priced computers Intel can be vary competitive. Although their chip is a little more expensive than their competitors in this market, consumers are willing to pay more for quality.

The Intel processor is a highly recognized logo that is a symbol for great quality. They have recently ventured into new markets. These new markets expand their popularity and carry with them their reputation of excellence. They have found it harder to be competitive because of the money spent marketing their logo. They have also found that customers look for their logo on products for quality. This is what makes the Intel Pentium II a superior and expensive product. Intel Pentium II next venture should be to lower its prices.


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