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Leadership In Hospitality Industry

Leadership In Hospitality Industry

CEO Mary Mahoney stated, “leadership is having a plan, getting a group of

people to follow you down a certain path, and encouraging them along the way that will

lead to successful achievement of the plan” (Greger; Peterson 2000, p.17). Determining a

leader in the hotel-motel business would be difficult because of how the properties are

classified. The type of service provided by the business determines the rating

of the property. Motel 6 is considered a one- star because it does not offer

any amenities. Quality Inn is a two-star because it only offers a continental

breakfast. Courtyards by Marriott are considered three-star because it offers

breakfast, lunch, a bar and laundry services. The Hilton is a four-star because

it offers a restaurant, banquets, room service, and shuttle service. A five-star

can offer a variety of services ranging from twenty-four hour service for

restaurant, room service, personal maid or butler, spa-salon, valet parking,

workout center and a business center. Banquets, concierge, dry cleaning are

also offered. The Westin and Renaissance, are the only five-star hotels in

Oklahoma. The success of a business depends one a focused leader with a plan, the

ability to lead and knowledge of what it takes to be a leader.

Accor Properties is an excellent example of leaders that are focused

with a plan. They are now the third largest in the world in rooms. This

company is based out of France but plans to make a definite impression on

the United States market in the future. The company leaders are targeting the

areas of technology and reservation in order to accomplishing their goal.

Accor leader’s contributes much of their business success to diversity. Joint

ventures in the casinos, food industry, voucher system, timeshares, cruise,

holiday vacation packages are helping them to achieve their future goal in

world domination. In their opinion, being the most internationally company

is what sets them apart from their competition. “The key to being successful

internationally is you adapt very strongly to the local way of doing business,

the local way of doing business should dictate what you do, not the other

way around, says Le Mener” (Wolff, 2000, p. 38). The company began its

operations in many different countries adapting their business to the culture

in the area and the local way of doing things. In South Africa they executed

their budget plan. In Brazil they moved up to their mid-scale plan. They

operate in 140 different countries. Accor tries to determine the customers

needs for the area and build their properties accordingly. In some of there

properties they have different size rooms for different prices. In the United

States Market they are operating the Motel 6 and Red Roof. They are

building a line of luxury Hotel’s called Sofitels. This line will focus totally

on the individual businessmen and small groups of travelers. At this hotel

their customers will not have to tolerate the conventions crowds like at other

hotels. Reading about the success of this company and thinking about our

class discussions about role of a leader helps me to understand why it is

important and what it requires to be an effective one. Hospitality is my

major and now I have a better understanding of the decisions I will have to

make about which property and classification I would like to obtain

Since I have worked for several upscale hotels, I know the importance

of a good leader. Some of the work related problem I have witness by leaders had a

tremendous effect on the employees as well as the business. Lack of

leadership skills, knowledge about the business, improper training, lack of

communication, and employee theft became common at the work place. Sometimes the

people in charge did not always set a good example. In some case people was hired in

management positions that had been fired from other properties for theft. This created a

huge problem in some departments especially where there was a cash flow.

It caused some good employees to quit because they did not want to be

accused of being dishonest. There was also a problem with hiring qualified leaders.

Sometimes when there was a problem with the customer, the manager would give in

knowing it was against company policy rather then backing the employee because they

were right. Other customers would want the same treatment, which created a snowball

effect. This kind of action by the mangers always made the job more stressful than want

it should have been. Some employees were hardly ever given enough proper training.

This created problems with the customers, friction among the different departments, loss

in revenue. There were times when some of the properties would send in someone from

corporate office to fix the problem, but that was not always a success. A couple of the

people sent by one property did not know the day to day operations of the business,

system and could not check in or out a customer. Since they did not know what was

really going on, they could not suggest to the department mangers what needed to be

done to improve or fix the problem. “Whetsell said, A leader must have a broad

knowledge of the field, This comes with comes from experience, as well as from reading,

listening, and talking with people. (Greger, Peterson 2000, p.17)

My personal work experience and what I have learned in the classroom will help

me be an effective leader. It will also help me to avoid the mistakes I have witnessed

other s make. I will make sure that I know all aspects of the business in order to know

what to do to correct problems. I will make sure each and every employee is properly

trained and treated like a human being. I know that happy employees are more

productive. I plan to improve employee moral; make them feel appreciated and paid what

they are worth. It’s my opinion that the customer is not always right. I will do what is

right and fair for both employee and the customer. “It has been said that a true leader is

one who makes a good follower.”(Cross, 1999,p.54).

The field of hospitality is constantly changing. Competition is much greater today

than it was in the past. The field has more demands with aggressive competitors just

wanting to take over or consolidate. In the future it is predicted the competition will be

narrowed down to about five or six competitors. Knowing that independence will be a

difficult; having a good team of leaders is a necessity. There are many aspects to being a

good and effective leader and to stay ahead and afloat in the future will require nothing

but the best. A focused leader with a plan, the ability to lead and the knowledge of what it

takes to be a leader will be of the extremely important for any to be successful.

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