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Amazon.com started its services in July of 1995. Their mission is

to use the Internet to transform book buying into the fastest, easiest and

most enjoyable shopping experience possible (amazon website-“about

Amazon“). Today amazon is the place to find and discover everything you

want to buy on line (amazon website-”about amazon”).

Amazon.com uses the consumer channel process for marketing

distribution. Their customer base and product offering has grown

considerably since they started (amazon website-”about amazon).

They maintain the commitment to the customer of satisfaction and the

delivery of an educational and inspiring shopping experience (amazon

There are millions of people in more than 220 countries; Britain, the

United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, and France , that have made amazon the

leading on-line shopping site (amazon website- “about Amazon“). They

have the biggest selection of products including free electronic greeting

cards, online auctions, and millions of books, cds, videos, dvds, toys and

games, electronics, kitchenware, and more (amazon Website- “about

amazon“). One can easily browse through the virtual aisles full of

thousands of different products. You will be able to find over 1 mill-

ion books from the U.S. and about 1.2 million British books. There

are also 220,000 CDs and 23,0000 VHS and DVD Titles (amazon Website-

Along with the extensive line of products available in

amazon.com, also offer a wide variety of other shopping services

and opportunities for partnership (amazon Website- “about amazon“).

For example, personalized recommendations are given based on the

prior purchases one has made or even as new customer. There are

auctions available with sale items that give the consumer or retailer

the opportunity to buy at a cheaper price or find any other item that

Customers don't like to wait. They're much more likely to order items

that can be shipped out quickly. When they join Amazon.com Advantage

they get a premium listing in the catalog. Amazon reserves premium listings

for items that are in stock and are ready to ship, like bestsellers, new

releases, blockbuster movies, and... Amazon.com Advantage items! Besides selling more, they get complete sales reporting, prompt monthly payments,

and the ability to add content to the Amazon.com detail pages (amazon

Advantage is for anyone who wants to increase their sales at

Amazon.com: large publishers with thousands of books, small

publishers with just a few books, record labels, in die bands, first-time

authors, independent filmmakers, special-interest video producers, famous

names who want to control their work, not-so-famous names on their way

up (amazon website- “about Amazon“).

Amazon.com Advantage Professional is for professional, technical,

and medical publishers, as well as nonprofit groups. With Advantage

Professional, select publishers can put their books into stock at amazon’s

fulfillment center and get premium availability . In addition, Advantage

Professional members get complete sales and inventory reporting,

automatic monthly payments, and best of all, increased sales and

exposure on the site. Amazon.com Advantage Professional is an

offshoot of the popular Amazon.com Advantage program. While Advantage

Professional and Advantage use the same sophisticated fulfillment centers,

Advantage Professional offers more flexibility on discount rates to suit the

needs of publishers of specialized, high-priced books. Amazon.com Advantage is a powerful, simple, and proven way to increase book sales on

Amazon.com Associates is another program free to join and easy to

use. As an Associate, you simply place links to Amazon.com on your Web

site. Each time a visitor clicks from your site to Amazon.com to purchase

items, you earn generous referral fees. We take care of their entire shopping

experience: fulfillment, customer service, and shipping, and we track the

sales generated from your site. All you have to do is decide how you want to

link to Amazon.com. they provide you with a wide and colorful selection

of links that can be easily added to your site. You can choose to link to any

of the millions of items across our expanding selection of stores. Or, simply

select a home page graphic and let us take care of merchandising to the

customer. However you choose to set up your links, you'll benefit from the

values offered on the site, great selection, and the convenience of online


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