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Company Product Discription

Company Product Discription

Black Diamond Equipment Ltd. is a company organized around an innovative structure. Black Diamond is one of the leading innovative companies for outdoor products, forcing the company to come up with new technology that will attract new consumers in the United States as well as Europe. Black Diamond had to market their products internationally, resulting in problems with safety codes that do not always apply to non-American countries. But the company was able to expand because of their structure.

This innovative approach brings the support staff together to talk amongst themselves and work with each other to come up with new ideas and fix problems with their existing products. This collaboration incorporates everyone into the central workings of the organization and combines the staff and line positions together. The company is vertically intergrated and can be kept centralized by brining some parts of the production in-house. By doing this, Black Diamond was able to expand, using machines that had multiple uses. This is the basic structure for Black Diamond where everyone talks about the problems with the axe, and tries to find a solution starting during the creation process. This innovative organization forces workers to work with new, untested blueprints, which seems to be the root problem with their structure.

The quality control part of the structure is where the company seemed to be having problems. Because of their innovative organization, Black Diamond is making products that are always changing, leaving the quality control sector unable to have a standard code for judging the products. The manager of the line assembly of Black Diamond admitted that the axe failed because the company lacked a standardization of processes. Each new product underwent multiple forms, resulting in the inconsistent production of their innovative products. Black Diamond needs to install a quality control department that reviews new products in their entire creation, instead of simply controlling the final product, so that theses innovative products will be created in a more standard way.


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