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Sales And Marketing

Sales And Marketing

It should be relatively simple for our company to find customers, give them a positive experience and build cliental. Since we are a small catering business we will have low overhead costs, low monthly b ills therefore we will be able to set competitive prices in are market. Are company will be targeting the middle to upper class families and business around the Kalamazoo region. For Example doctors offices sales representatives, graduation parties or anyone else that demands high quality but does not have the recourses to pay a lot of money. We will find the advantage by giving our customers amore personal experience compared to other big catering business because we are a small business. We will also strive on having a lot of the same cliental coming back because of how we go about our business. For Example, if someone wants to change something on are menu at the last minute they will not have to jump through hoops or pay an inconvenience fee to get what they want. We will be very compliant and easy to work with but at the same time get the job done.

We will advertise inexpensively to keep are costs down. Compared to our competitors we will do a lot of educating about our company trough word of mouth. Our company feels that we have the advantage in our market because of our location. We are located in a decent sized city with a lot of middle to upper class suburbs. Also putting into consideration we are surrounded by a very big university. We will advertise through the radio in the mourning while people are driving to work We will have courtesy callers which will educate business about our catering business. Our company decided also to send flyers to potential customers with are food menu and coupons to show that we deliver with a low price and at a very fast pace. For each one of is a customer a specific team will be assigned to that project. That team will be responsible to prepare the food, deliver the food and to take the food to the correct place and set it up properly. Overall the most important thing for that team is to make sure that customer is happy and that they are number one on our list.

Our company will succeed in the catering market. We will take care of our customers more than anyone one of our competitors in the market. We will be the best not only in customer service but also are prices. We will have a great advertising and promotion campaign, which will be a great advantage in our business success.


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