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Functional Areas-business

Functional Areas-business

Peugeots functional areas work together for the company’s interest and welfare. I will be explaining about Peugeots functional areas and what they do for the company.

Production is the most obvious area, in all the functional areas. This area takes control over stock, manufactures cars and does quality checks on their vehicles. It is very important that this area is efficient and takes respectable control over stock. If this is overlooked then the company can fall into loss.

Finance is maybe the most important area when it comes to the company’s money.

This area is responsible of taking care of the company’s/shareholders money. They have to always monitor the money and take observations on profits and loss. They are also responsible for making budgets for the company and the different areas.

This is area gives the company its objectives and targets this could be long term or short term. This department is also responsible for the sales and distribution of the cars that have been manufactured. It is their job to keep their staff motivated in order to maintain a high income of goods.

This area is responsible for launching new car models, pricing them and viewing there market shares. This department controls most of the research that is carried out, and is constant touch with market research. They find out what the public want and frequently attend shows and exhibitions to find out this information. The marketing department launch and promote new models by getting funding with companies who will then advertise for Peugeot.

This department establishes the development of the distribution channels in the United Kingdom.

This department handles everything to do with the after sale of the cars. They train people to fix any problems that may go wrong when a car is bought so that the owner has high satisfaction.

This department keeps records of sales, records of payment and any queries that customers may have.

This department finds out what people want and tries to incorporate these ideas when the designing process of the car is taken place. They also control all the safety checks once a car has been made.

This is the company that controls Peugeots car leasing. The advantages of leasing a car is that you can upgrade to a newer model quicker and that any problems you have with the car are immediately fixed for free. The disadvantages of car leasing are that the car is never yours and that a monthly fee is required.

All of the departments communicate with each other and problems are caused if the communication technique has failed.


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