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Classification Of Automobiles

Classification Of Automobiles

The introduction of Henry Ford’s assembly line and the shiny black coupe it produced transformed the automobile from a luxury into a necessity. As a result the automobile industry has rocketed to new heights leaving the consumer with plenty to consider when shopping for a new vehicle. Buyers, however, spend a great deal of time deciding on a price range that coincides with their income or deciding what will catch the attention of others, when in reality they should spend more time looking at what type of vehicle is most suitable for their lifestyles. Nevertheless, this decision alone could still leave the buyer stressed out since there are several types of vehicles on the market these days. One solution is to classify all vehicles as cars, trucks or SUVs. This would relieve them from some of the stresses they might encounter during this grueling processes.

Let’s say you have decided to buy a new vehicle, but you are not sure what to get. First you have to ask yourself what would facilitate your day-to-day needs. If you are looking for something economical, a car is always a safe bet. Cars tend to have smaller price tags than trucks and SUV’s, sparing your wallet. They get good gas mileage and are cheaper to repair. Cars are also suitable for everyday errands; carting the kids around, getting groceries, and going to work. Some styles of cars even come with an all-wheel drive package, which is handy in harsh winters. But there are times when a car doesn’t do what you need it to. This is when a truck might come into play.

Trucks were strictly used as work vehicles when they were first introduced; they were too expensive to run on a day-to-day basis. Trucks now-a-days fit a wider verity of needs. Trucks can do every thing cars can and more. They come in two, three, and four door models with short or long beds, fleet or step sides, and small, medium or large bodies. Although the different styles of trucks should be a consideration when shopping around, let’s look at how a truck is more beneficial then a car. Trucks have a more rugged chassis then cars do, they tend to have more clearance, and the cargo space is a big one. People who own trucks generally use them for everything; from going to the grocery store to hauling the camper away for a vacation there isn’t much a truck can’t do. However, trucks do have their down sides just like anything else. Although they are improving, trucks generally can’t hold as many people as cars can. Once you start shopping around for a few, you will see too that the price of a truck can be a lot more than a car. There is still another option to consider though.

SUVs combine several aspects of trucks and cars. You can use an SUV for work, play and practicality. They come with four-wheel drive and towing packages, and deliver much of the same benefits as trucks with the comfort and space of cars. However, SUVs have their negative sides too; they don’t generally get good gas mileage, they have a pretty hefty price tag, and they have less cargo space than trucks.

All vehicles have good and bad aspects about them; it’s up to the consumer to decide the better vehicle for their needs. What fits one’s lifestyle may not fit the lifestyle of others. So in order to decide which vehicle is the best for you, you have to weigh the differences in your mind deciding on the most suitable vehicle for you.


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