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Seven Secrets To A Succesful Marketing Program

Seven Secrets To A Succesful Marketing Program

Allison Deane: BUS 100 – TV Summer 2004 Article # 4 Seven Secrets to a Successful Marketing Program

This article is about seven ideas to implement a businesses marketing plan so that it can be able to obtain more favorable results. It basically highlights some of the major points that are discussed in the textbook on how to effectively implement a marketing plan. A good marketing scheme is important to any business in order to get the desired results.

One tip that is brought out in the article is to know your clients. This is especially important when it comes to a marketing plan because a business must know certain things about their clientele in order to use the right marketing tools for that marketing segment. By getting a good understanding of certain characteristics of a desired marketing segment such as industry, geographic area, sales, fees collected, and realization, a business has a major advantage over other businesses that do not do their research regarding these topics.

Writing a marketing plan is another highlight of the article. This is important because it makes it easier to reach a goal when all of the objectives are planned ahead of time, rather than blindly going into a plan. By outlining short-term objectives into one business marketing plan, a business is more likely to succeed in obtaining their desired goal.

This article emphasizes the importance of a business having a strong and well-established marketing plan. By consistently using the tips provided in this article, a business will prove over time to be successful and long lasting.

Allison Deane: BUS 100 – TV Summer 2004 Article # 4 Seven Tips to a Successful Marketing Program

Do the ideas presented in this article have any application to today’s changing business environment?

The ideas presented in this article do apply to today’s changing business environment, as well as any business environment. A good, strong marketing program is important to any business in that it helps to determine who they are selling products to and what the best ways are to get that marketing segment interested in what the business has to offer.

Providing rewards and recognition, one of the tips that are highlighted in the article, definitely applies to today’s business environment. Due to the fact that employees need incentives in order to promote effective and steady progress, giving them a reward for their effort or simply a “pat on the back” from upper management, gives employees the motivation they need to keep a business running effectively and obtaining a good profit.

Following up on sales is also a good idea to implement into the business plan of a firm trying to succeed in today’s business environment. Customers respond the best to businesses that have good customer service because it makes them feel as though the company really cares about them and their well-being. By providing a simple follow up call just to see if they received their merchandise on time, or that they are happy with overall product, makes customers want to return to that firm for other purchases.

This article applies to today’s business environment because a marketing plan is one of the most effective ways for a firm to get their products known to the public. If a business lacks this important tool, they are less likely to succeed in the business world.


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